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This was the fifth piece in my fire art collection. When the Dept of Transportation decided to widen a road, Route 522. They sent in a few fire companies to burn down seven houses that sat in a quarter mile radius. I took three cameras, color and black & white. I shot seven rolls. This was done before I had the computer equipment to do the pieces, so they sat for five years until I had the idea of giving something to the fire departments. I created six pieces of art from my photo shoot. For each print bought, 50% of the proceeds will be donated to a local fire company.

I took a few pictures of the vehicles at the burn. Different angles and perspectives, but nothing stuck out. It's not like you can go "Hey, can you park that truck over here and move that one back a little...Please?" I took two different shots of the trucks and create a gauche effect in monochromatic colors. (Which was my college gauche lesson, buy one color and create a depiction of life. Black and White with a color tint.)

I lined up an art show at a Greenwood Fire Company spaghetti dinner to display some fire art. Of course no one was interested. I donated the original to the dept which was a memory of their long departed diesel. Every member signed a card and the first print was matted with the card and given to the owners of Anthony's Pizza who donated all of the food for the dinner.

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