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This was the fourth piece in my fire art collection. When the Dept of Transportation decided to widen a road, Route 522, They sent in a few fire companies to burn down seven houses that sat in a quarter mile radius. I took three camera, color and black & white. I shot seven rolls. This was done before I had the computer equipment to do the pieces, so they sat for five years until I had the idea of giving something to the fire departments. I created six pieces of art from my photo shoot. For each print bought, 30% of the proceeds will be donated to a local fire company.

For a fire fighter, when surrounded by fire, all you can see is color and darkness. I wanted to capture that sight of pure color coming from the black. Sort of like a scratch board. I also wanted to create the look I saw from the burning oil rigs in Kuwait. Simply fire in the background. With an unconcerned figure walking by in the foreground.

This was a daytime color photograph that I blew out the contrasts and earth tones. The fighter came from a line of fighters entering one of the houses.

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