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This is the entrance to the Watch Hill beach in Watch Hill, Rhode Island. A one street, boat harbor and beach suburb to Westerly, Rhode Island. The community consists of summer home mansions of the rich and powerful. A part-time eastern Bel Air. The beach, which is a finger that blocks the harbor, also contains the most incredible spelunking adventures. WWI bunker ruins at the end of the beach. The rocky endpoint one mile from the picture's entrance overlooks a private island that houses a monstrous mansion. Martha's Vineyard can be seen in the distance. The pillar in the picture also is located at the end of the beach but was inserted for effect.

The piece started as a daytime color photo. It was scanned and given a watercolor effect. The sky was dropped out and I added the glowing moon and gradation. I took the pillar from another piece an added the boat.


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