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The Downfall of Advertising
I got into design because I was an artist. I got into advertising because I was the guy that watched all the commercials at the superbowl. I grew up on McDonald's commercials, cute characters and catchy jingles. When I started working for ad agencies, I came to find out how close advertising is to brainwashing. How it wasn't drawing cartoon characters that said by my product. It was calculated, studied, proven ways of manipulating facts, feelings and thoughts.
Advertising is big business. Billions are spent on ad campaigns. From the tv spot to the coupon in the mail. There a think tanks, opinion groups, pollings, taste testing, test studies, years of research & development, chemical enhancements and of course Red Dye #5.
The advertisement has evolved from a product promotion to a cleaver, ingenious way to trick you into liking, wanting, buying and living their pre-planned way of life.
Graduating design school in '92 allowed me the opportunity to experience the advertising world in special way. I learn the old paste-up ways as they were being shelved to the digital revolution being born from the guys that created Star Wars. By the time I received my degree and got my feet wet in the industry I was already obsolete. The personal computer was making it's way into every house. Technology prices were dropping to an eighth of the original costs. Programs were filled with templates and easy ways to create whatever marketing tool you needed. All the sudden anyone could do what I spent my life learning.
Now just because you have a hammer and saw, doesn't mean you can build a house. Just because you have some paint and a canvas, it doesn't make you Leonardo DaVinci either.
On the downside, the art and skill of advertising has disappeared to cost efficiency, but the upside is the elaborate ways the jingles have become subliminals, and we have become the slaves of products our employers make to sell back to us.
This book touches on the history and future of the advertising world. I will point out the methods of how big business has taken over the world through advertising. I will point out the damning of society to the point where we camp out for these products. We will examine how advertising has corrupted the sports world. How it has created a "black monopoly" over information. We will look at how a product can become a way of life and how ads have been a decline in many ways to our society.
A product is made or destroyed on advertising. Our world is built up on ads and the destruction of it will be advertised and sold out!

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