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A Conspiracy of Conspiracies
Ever since the JFK murder, the moon landing, and 911. We have heard the word conspiracy and the title "Conspiracy Nut". Most of society rights both off, but recently the amount of theories has reached biblical proportions. Dozens of shows splatter the History Channel and thousands of sites are dedicated to them on the web.
I started my journey to being a nut after the 911 documentary "Loose Change". Before I knew it, I was spewing opinions out of my mouth faster than people could laugh at me. This took me on my next journey. Where do these theories come from? How do we let them live and where do they take our society?
After watching a 911 truther get stomped by some non-believers, I started to realize how dangerous this thought process can be and what damage these theories can cause.
We will look at all the conspiracies that are out there. We will put them to the Mythbuster's test and find out what is actually truth and what is orchestrated lies to fuel an agenda.
We will start with world domination and work our way back to the ancient civilizations before the writing of our history. Together we will find the reasons why these theories may still be hypothesizes.

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