Fine Art Pieces

The painting that was banned by DC Comics.
Endorsed by original Superman writer, Dr. Jay Morten.
Signed by both Fleming and Dr. Jay Morten


In the summer of '94. I read a compilation of the Superman story (comic book series). I was always a Superman fan, but I was buzzin with the Man of Steel. In front of me, I had the most incredible collection of Superman art and the drive to emulate it. I spent about a month sketching the collage out on illustration board. After 12 hours of cutting the frisket (clear coating used to mask your art in airbrushing) I laid all the color in about 6 days. I spent another 3 weeks inking and using colored pencils to finish it up.

I wanted to release it and have it sold in every comic book store their was, but DC comics didn't like that. So it now sits as a limit edition print.

In 1999 I had the great honor to become friends with one of the original creators of Superman, Dr. Jay Morten. He scripted the original series and all the movies. He gave me a autographed picture with the original comic book character.

The original airbrush is framed along with the autograph photo of Dr. Jay Morten and is still for sale.

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