Fine Art Pieces

Not Everything Is Black & White
(Illuminated Checkerboard)

A Checkerboard is the balance between everything. One Part Black. One Part White. The Complete Opposite.
A Yin-Yang, Zeros and Ones, On and Off, Yes Or No. No Gray Areas. No other colors.
The Board could be infinite and could contain a world in every box.
At first the board was plainer, One Dimensional. Like the flat earth of ages past.
The it became two dimensional, then three dimensional and finally evolving into a hypercube.
For our perspective constantly changed as our knowledge grew of the board.

The Lighthouse's flame illuminates the board making it take on many shapes and distortions.
From the edges we start with the Pawns. Standing tall like Jachin & Boaz.
Patiently awaiting their move to be called, in the master plan. With their third partner forming the trinity.
It is aware his job is to anchor the descending ladder to Saturn. A far Pawn has made it to the edge of his world.
His shadow casts her future, but it may be only an illusion of grandeur. Our plainer world is littered with items of many meanings. In plain site they lie. While their history and importance is overlooked by weaving spiders and wise owls.

As we take the board into the second dimension. The first world we enter has sprung a black hole.
As metaphorically as one in the center of every galaxy in the universe.
It begins to draw within and consume the other worlds and dimensions.
Some will take the journey purposely and others trapped will be taken by force.

The board holds many different games on its field. Some fun and easily understood.
Others, devious and demanding. Some with hidden moves only a master will know.
Whatever game you play. Know going in the square can be a cube.
Have the knowledge you start in Check Mate with no home field advantage.
Know every world is as different as the perspective.
Remember you are a player and not a game maker.


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