Fine Art Pieces

Save The World Recycle It

First Place in Habitat For Humanity Art Show 2011 Professional Category.

As like the rest of the world's countries.
The United States has become a polluted, infected landfiil.

Flying the blue skies, the eagle has been replaced by the flying rodent, the seagull.
The smokestacks fill the air, while their twins, the drainage pipes
expel their sewage and chemicals into our ground and water.

The salvage crane is pulling from the heart of herself, Mother Earth, from her body, the water. The Earth is beyond repair. Damaged, radioactive and toxic.
Mirroring life itself, the sharks still prey and feast as the destruction continues,
but the ocean is vast and there are good fish in the sea. The ones who care, stand in the background throwing life preservers. Sometimes filled with money and ideas.

Through the new leaves of the season. A bright yellow sun fills the world will solar and wind power. An acorn sprouts the next life of the new generation and the next forest. While Habitat for Humanity, begins another dwelling for a deserving person.

The towering crane, swings in the new Eco Friendly Earth.
Clean, with a boosted immune system, and a renewal of life.

Salvage the World. Keep This Planet Clean.

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