Fine Art Pieces


While running through a collection of borders for a job. I came across a simple circle within a square. It had the four triangles broken into eight. I instantly saw a mirror piece. Having a clipart book already in my hands, I skipped to the human section and found the hand print which was creepy to begin with. So I found mystifying eyes and a monstrous human form.

At this point some people may not consider this original art. Being that all the elements were premade by someone else. Maybe even more creative. You have to understand, this is the first step to becoming a real artist. Graphic Design is like a puzzle with many optional pieces. They all fit. It's just which combination is the best. There are many levels to a graphic designer and to art. You have your line art which is merely an outline of an image and you have photographic art. In design a less equipped artist may have put the four elements above together and simply added color to the frame and it would have looked like another piece of clip art. I, like every graphic designer should progress to, is the next step. You have the main elements already created. That's creative time to spend developing the colors and textures that will bring it to life. This has become probably my greatest skill and style. Taking cheesy clipart and turning it into a masterpiece. That's how you impress a client! Especially when you say this piece took me 4 hours at the most.

The artwork will be the inside of a music cd jewel case. When you pop out the cd the is what you will see.

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