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WWWF, , WWF, WWE or should we call it WWGAY
I grew up like every other boy in the world. GI Joe, Transformers and Wrestling. All of course, have let me down. Especially Michael Bay, but that's tomorrow's rant. Wrestling in the other case, has become big business on the web and everywhere else in the real world. All the retired guys, are spilling their stories and broadcasting their rehabs, not to mention life saving procedures like with Jake Roberts. You can hear the Benoit conspiracies and other dead performer's speculated demises. All of these stories you have to take, just like everything else in life. Believe it or not. That is the only 2 things you can do.
If you know your wrestling. To begin with, half naked men rolling around is already crossing the lines of homosexuality. Add the sub dialogue, made up personas, scripted plots and Vince's homo-erotic fantasies. You have Wrastlin in it's present fullest.
Many wrestlers came out in the early nineties with stories of sexual harassment, prostitution, rape and many other horror stories.
Only a few really went the route and filed charges or suits. One was a young announcer who claimed Vince's 2nd in command for over 3 decades Pat Patterson, was a Homosexual Rapist and Predator. I watched many videos and manly the one were Pat totally denies the charges and calls this guy a Big Fat Lier.
Well the man, Pat that is, made a formal press release, he has been living a gay man in hiding all his life and he wanted to come out of the closet. Instantly this puts total merit into the claim of the announcer and the others, that this man allegedly abused and blackmailed. Blackmailed. Yes. That man stated his job was threatened by him if he didn't let this old man have his way with him. He was fired and the suit came to be.
I have heard many gays in their life defend the honor of being gay by killing the idea, that not all homosexuals are pedifies or repasts. In this case I'm sorry. Allegations have been made by dozens of wrestlers. Lawsuits were filed. Charges were made and investigated.
The kicker was what I caught in 2 films in the last few days. The first was an interview with the Legend Roddy Piper. Although he never specifically states rape. He gets into an explanation in an interview why Pat doesn't like him and it takes a turn to where Roddy looks like that guest star on It's Always Sunny, looking very disturbed. He admits being a young pretty boy who didn't know what he was doing.
Tonight I clicked on, just to clear it off my list of things to watch on Netflix, the return of the Rock to fight John Cena. Instantly, I thought they were gonna kiss or hump any moment from the hype appearances and altercations for the longest promotion of any event which lasted, 364 days. From backstage footage and narration, the Rock goes through his history and shows his return to the COMPANY. What got me was the clip where he embraces Pat Patterson, as he walks through the corridors, saying his what's ups on his way to the performance square. Pat does this awkward touch on Rock's lower mids, as he hugs and Rock just embraces him, like a favorite uncle.
This is a man that is an actual Predator. He holds employees hostage to his demands or your career is gone. Do you not think he made his demands on everyone or just the ones he could get over on? In the court case against Vince in the 90s. Many wrestlers came forth stating they were whored out to rich gay men who Vince knew or made deals with.
With Pat alone coming out. This, in my mind, automatically proves the WWE company is based on total homosexuality. They promote it, they sell it, they perform it, they blackmail for it, they export it and they possibly could have killed for it. They have at least fired and destroyed careers for it. Why not go that far?
If Vince isn't Bi-Sexual. He is guilty, at the least, of slaving out his employees and letting his GM molest and blackmail many in the company for years. We are talking decades here, of this going on. All the people that tried to expose it and were silenced. All the masculine heroes of the youth getting on their knees in private, to appease the ones in control of their small fortunes of fame.
I have always let so much go in this world. With what I saw in the music business and what is rumored in it, along with Hollywood.
The other venues, Broadway and Fashion, of course are openly flaunting. I wonder now if the real sports stars of the world have to go through this "Casting Couch" to make it. For that sake, is this what it takes to succeed in the world?
"Hi Bryan, Thanks for applying for the job. Now bend over and you get it. I mean you're in."
I know this sounds harsh, but take out the gender issue and you have pure felony harassment unchecked for years, in a "very close" family ran business that has had a multi-million audience for almost fifty years.
This began as a rant against something I have held sacred in my childhood. I was one of those on tape doing back yard wrestling.
I emulated everyone of those performing athletes. I was devastated when these allegation starting surfacing 2 decades ago. I watched the programming and never questioned the GoldDust character of Dustin Rhodes. Instead this rant has once again exposed another fraction in the sexual slavery world. Are we all blackmailed into our lives for what we want? Does power corrupt and rot in every single way it can? (I did not mean to offend any homosexuals in this rant. If I did...Sorry.)

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