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Valentine's Day

2-14-12 Valentine's Day
Well today marks the first major holiday of the new year. Major, as in created for profit and not a birthday. As a kid I loved all these days. I had no idea why we had them or what their history and origins were. I was just happy to get Christmas presents or chocolate bunnies or whatever that holiday generated. As a kid, we are taught these are wonderful days to remember or praise certain individuals. When you grow up. You realize you have to fulfill all of these holidays in some way for others. Valentines Day is one of the worse for me. The commercial on the radio today said what is a bad gift? Something you actually need. What is a good gift? Jewelry. Now it was a diamond commercial, but still, we created this superficial holiday to boast our inner insecurities. You do not need commandments to tell you how to live your life and you definitely do not need a day created by Hallmark to praise your mate. This should happen all the time.
So every since the Blood Diamond movie I have really had an excuse to hate diamonds. I have never been a jewelry wearer or buyer. It just something that isn't needed in my life and takes money away from the real things it needs to be spent on. Although today I am having a change of heart. My very generous girlfriend has never got a gift of real jewelry. I buy her earrings all the time, but nothing big. She loves the stuff and I deprive her so much. So today we are going to a few jewelers to see what they have. Now instead of doing something manful like cook her a nice dinner or go someplace special. We are going to blow hundreds of dollars on something so small it will eventually disappear or be stolen. Just for this cycle of life thing. I think women have a problem seeing the comparison of... 2 months of the car paid or get a nice shiny ring. Which is it? F that car! Where's my cut stone!

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