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Who Are They? We Are They

1-28-12 We are "They"
I caught another new show on the History Channel last night called America Book Of Secrets. I take crap from every closed minded person there is including my girlfriend who loses it on the thought and thinks I need medical help for a delusional problem. Here is yet another show exposes what they are calling secrets of our country. This episode was on the Freemasons. You can now see on this network alone over 15 shows dedicated to letting you know about the Masons. Letting you know there is controversy about them. Then half expose their crimes and future crimes. The other half of the lot explains they are harmless and these are all lies perpetrated on them by a blaming society looking for a scapegoat.
What everyone doesn't know is each show spits out another fact that hasn't been revealed. It is like they are taunting us with the knowledge of their history. You think, first off since Disney owns the History Channel. They are wrapped up in many controversies that link to many they expose on shows. Plus the people portrayed are very powerful and could easily have these shows stopped. So to me it is an elaborate programming schedule. Every year they release more shows that expose the country, corporations and world for what it is. It's like the countdown to dominance. At the end of the series or years of programming. The world domination conquest will be here and all they will have to say is...
"We've been telling you all along...But you've been watching our other networks like ESPN and ABC for entertainment instead of educating yourself on the real world. We even put it on a channel for you."

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