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Super Hitler

Super Hitler
A new documentary has put forth or exposed the idea that Adolf & Eva escaped to Argentina and lived out their lives in retirement spawning 2 hell spawns. So far the only proof in the doc was testimonials of people I never heard of and a pict of an old man resembling the Führer. So if this tale can be true. I thought, let's put all the stories & conspiracies of Hitler together in one great writing that Saddam wishes he could have used for his origins story.
and my disclaimer......This is not the reported truths of Hitler, but a composite of all they tales of this man.
Here we go....... Hitler the Great
His mother was a house servant who married her retired civil servant handler Alois Hitler. An illegitimate son of the Rothschild clan.
They had 3 kids that all died within 2 years. The 3rd would die in just 3 days. Her next child would be the one to survive and destine for a life beyond belief. His father would raise him and mindset his life for 13 years. Explaining how they were the bastards of the Rothschilds' and some day they would get their vengeance. Finally on that day of his father's death. The family caught up to Alois in his favorite countryside inn. injecting him with the same toxin still used today for assassinations. He flopped on the floor to his death forever silencing the secret.....At least they thought.
Hitler penniless, broken, no family, dreams of being an artist crushed. Laid in the homeless shelter contriving his new dream and ambitiousness how to do it! Here he would build his hatred and antisemitism. He would work his way to Munich and enlist as the first war began. The Wolf was born. Here he would become decorated for his bravery. He would fight til he couldn't fight anymore. The Army began to mold his morals and Hitler would stay in as long as he could. Mastering all the aspects of war while building his patriotism for Germany. After Discharge he was given the title of Narc and began working intelligence to bust up what today we would call the Ron Paul or Tea Party Movement. But it would be here where Adolf's programming would instantly change as his new Master Anton Drexler, would seek him out and mold him into the politician he would become. Being inundated with the Thule & Vril Societies. He began to learn of the ancient teaching and powers. Knowing his past dream and his new future. Hitler went back to the Rothschild as a blackmailer demanding the backing he would need to take over the party, the country and then the world. The family agreed with ease for this was their plan all along. They were the ones funding the DAP, the Thules & the Vrils. Now that they new their bloodline was drooling at the idea of world domination....they had their hero and scapegoat. Money was funded through their friendlies like the Rockefeller and Bushs, who would take the fall as scapegoats, but rebuilt for their loyalty.
The powers of THEM stepped in to start the technology race. The societies friends brought in their black magic, their alien contacts and the historians that would search the world high and low to find the treasures and weapons of the ancient world. In the almost 15 years of power. They set up an underground Antarctic base and launched their new anti-gravity vehicles for the outer realms. It would look more like universal domination at this time.
Suddenly the tide would change. They would meet new civilizations more ruthless than the Nazis. Back on Earth the allies were building and taking control. The end was visible and it wasn't favorable. The Powers of THEM knew it was only the beginning of their long drawn out plan. For the Führer was only the scapegoat. As he was shuffled out of the country along with most of the powerfuls. The non essentials were laid to rest as waste. The creators of the war swooped in to offer solutions to the world. The UN was created along with the other world controlling organizations. The arms & space race was moved to better funded facilities in the US where they continued the idea of universal domination. The 3rd reich went into hiding and rebuilding for the next generation of the 4th reich
Hitler & Eva would go into protective retirement. Enjoying a life of everything out of the spotlight. They would give birth to their daughter who would be molded from childhood to take the throne of Europe.
The other Nazi families would have offsprings upon offsprings that would come to power across seas and infiltrate every aspect of the US government, intelligence agencies and corporate world. Together they would lead in the 4th Reich Not by war, but by loop hole business tactics, false flag situations, economic destruction and free will.
In life Hitler would go down as the greatest villain and monster to live who at least killed himself. In death he will never see the world he thought he was responsible for, but was only a pawn by the real kings of the game.

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