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2-26-12 Suicide
After work I retired to my favorite restaurant for dinner where I was greeted by an assortment of unruly characters. Making a few comments to close friends like..."I guess CrimeTimes is doing a best of party!" I later find out it was a wake party for their friend who killed himself. I did not know him nor hear of the event, but it was eventful. This guy shot himself in the head. In the back of a moving car. Driving down a highway with 2 people in the front. How selfish is that? Not only did he endanger his friends who probably put up with his depression, but he endangered many others traveling. I'm sorry I have had many friends do this. A kid I knew slit his wrists and tried to bleed out on his best friends new white couch as he laid asleep. I remembered saying to him something like..."Why didn't you just go lay in the yard where you wouldn't make a mess?" He later succeeded with his journey. Recently a childhood friend of mine this year drove up to a National Forrest and did himself in, in the parking lot. A mutual acquaintance was hiking that day and say the aftermath.
Tonight on the Walking Dead they had the scenario play out. One of the characters said the coolest lines. Pain never goes away. We just make room for it. Or even the beloved words of Buttercup's fairy tale love, "Life is Pain. Anyone who says different is trying to sell you something."
It's unbelievable to me that we do not have money making businesses and locations at strip malls to off yourself. I couldn't fathom not having that right in an Apocalyptic situation. The bottom line is, you can't fix depression. You can only solve it. This world sucks bad. It doesn't take much to see that. Pain, misery and depression are in us all, waiting to bedrid us for more hurt. Of course now adays. Kids lose it over a girl or an embarrassing moment. Any reason can be justified in this cruel world. I know many who will end up trying. I'm done helping the weak. Now I can only say go ahead. You will probably be better off....Sorry.

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