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Star Wars vs Star Trek

2-21-12 Star Wars vs Star Trek
I started thinking of competition and the whole idea itself. While brainstorming I looked down on a table near me and saw my dvd copy of Fanboys. That led me to an enormous competition and extremely dumb fight that has lasted through today and began the day the movie Star Wars was released. Which is better Star Trek or Star Wars. This is my point of competition. Why create this dumb argument. If this be the discussion then the game has to be an Olympian istead of a one on one. You have to throw Battlestar Galatica, Space 1999, The Black Hole and quite a few other movies in there if this is a Sci-Fi fight.
So let's disect the main discussion. The weigh in:
Star Trek was a failed tv series that spawning 4 other series, a cartoon, 11 films, dozens of games and hundreds of books. Star Wars was 6 movies, a cartoon, various shows, a toy empire, dozens of games and hundreds of books. So let's say both franchises have been profitable and prospered.
Next let's look at the ideas. Star Wars is about an evil totalitarian tearney that rules the universe. The demise of the poster boy for good and his dramatic rise to a puppet of evil. The destruction of hius empire at the hands of his 2 lost children and their rebelious friends. The old Good conquers Bad story.
Star Trek is the story of World Peace on Earth. Overcoming every problem we had and then decided to become explorers of the universe where Kirk and his crew are the Ambassadors meeting new species and dangers each week.
Let's look at the characters. Star Wars gave us the coolest names. Skywalker, Solo, Vader, Boba Fett, R2-D2, etc. The Star Wars universe of characters is so rich. It alone made the toy empire profitable. Every character of Star Trek has become a joke on theirselves. Shatner is a continuous, rerun of a bad impersonation of himself. Sulu went gay. The entire cast hated Shartner. For the other shows. Patric Stewert lost all he gained at being better than Shatner by becoming a cartoon joke on American Dad. The last incarnation of the show had Scott Backula quantum leaping into the capt's body to save the drowing franchise.
Let's look at the twos contributions to society. Star Trek was the first major Sci-Fi show for the world. The props and ideas have fuel inventors for generations. It gave losers a social network and conventions. It turn the beloved creator Roddenbury into a household name.
Star Wars creator Lucas took ideas from every religion, every told story, every plot idea and previously made action sequences and crafted a tale that took the world over by surprise. My generation that was affected by this, became the greatest artists, writers, directors, creators of companies and masterminds of the new world. Star Wars alone influenced and created the computer and programs I use daily. The movie created the biggest Special Effects house ever that touches over 90 percent of all movies. The franchise is a continuous kick of nostalgic to me daily.
Finally the overall picture. Gene believed in peace and prospering. He created characters and stories to address the social stigmas of the times. George believes only in greed. His idea from day one was to make money. Now in the end after the world has analyized every angle possible. I can see George has a very Dark Side himself and the Saga has explored and promoted the idea of evil.
In conclusion, Kiss and Star Wars was my life very early. Although today, I wish their tour plane would crash and Lucas would retire. I barely new Star Trek when the first movie came out. I got into the Next Generation because I was the next gen of Trekkie. Still Star Wars is the winner and no brainer on being better. Once again though I point out. Why a competition to begin with? Both were simply created forms of art in their own rights. The only thing they share is Sci-Fi connection and Star in the title. Thank God no one created a crossover story to destroy both in one shot. Anyone that takes the idol worshipping to the level Trekkies and "ComicConners" do is scary. It's cool to really like something. Even admire it. To over envy it, start learning Klingon and actually stop speaking english all together....That's a psycological condition.

So in the famous immortal worlds of the man himself......."Get A Life! It was a tv show!"........that failed.

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