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Shit Talkers
Shit Talkers
I like to stay neutral on most stuff. When I start speaking from the unfiltered mind. I tend to shove body parts up their to quiet myself. I'm no different than anyone though. I run my mouth. If something is not making me happy or if something is wrong. I complain til i'm out of air like a hound dog that barked himself out. Since I got into the entertainment industry. There has always been smack talked about SkyHigh. For most of the reasons it is pure jealously. Then it turns to hatred. My intentions from day one of understanding social interacting was to always make peace and friends. I managed to do this for the most, but there is an element of society. Fractions in your own social network. These people are evil and have nothing nice to say. Sometimes I catch myself being more asshole than cynical. There is a pure difference in these people. They are the ones never happy. Self centered and controlling. They tell you how you should live your life. How you should conduct your business. How you should do your job. The "always have something to say, but never do for themselves." These people have the power to disrupt the normal flow of good energy. Their comments are meant to disturb opinion and put doubt into everything. On the biggest scale, there is the youtube conspiracy creators. These people are putting forth any idea they feel that will scare and confuse the viewer. Causing extreme anxiety over life sometimes. On the smallest scale is the example of yesterday. A female was unhappy of the direction the bar I work at has gone. To be honest, so am I and many. Instead of offering suggestive criticism. She goes to the owners facebook page. Shits on him, the bar and rants out her feelings. Being I wasn't there that night, because we were changing directions. They were karaoke singers wanting to sing that couldn't. So I get the wrath of Ms. Victoria as she penned the new phrase DJ Scumbag and then went on to throw in my face how the person I replaced is the best around..Yada Yada Yada....Of course this is also the equivalent of a bunch of kids calling one poopy pants and having it stick like shit on your hand after a bad toilet paper wipe. She went on to apology to me. Stating I'm an ok person and it wasn't personal. She was just ranting. Well publicly calling me a used condom can go pretty far. This thread went on for 50 posts with everyone involved throwing dirt and calling out. Childish as it may seem. This is an everyday occurance in our lives. Pick your battles and keep them to defending your name as much as you can. Don't start no shit....Won't be no shit! Plus it's not fun to get suckerpunched on a day you are not ready for it for something you did drunk or said in anger.
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