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Is There a Nuclear Bomb?

Would it be amazing to find out the world is a lie? It would be horrific when you think of it. The fabric of all you know. Simply being a movie script, played out on a worldwide scale, in realtime on tv, radio, newspaper and on the scholastic level. When could these lies have been created? From the beginning of all beginnings? Or from the winners of all winnings? What are the hoaxes and what actually was reality?

Did dinosaurs not even exist? Was Jesus a composite of many religious figures? Was every war unnecessary? Did we fake nuclear bombs for world domination? Did we fake the moon landing for universal domination? Can it even go further? Do we actually live in this flat earth, caged like the animals in our own habitat?
Far too many things in the world do not make sense. To go from we landed on the moon to we didn't. To then hear we met aliens and hide it. To even farther, that we never entered deep space. To the final step, that space is an illusion and does't exist.

As a child all I knew and was ever told, was the first. Three idols and heroes were created. America conquered the universe. As an adult. I find amounts of people believing in each of these ideas together and separate. We can spend days digesting home made documentaries that can convince an intelligent person they are actually stupid.
Does all of these theories simply exist from paranoia created from the idea of secrets in our government and the inner fear we have of living and not knowing where we came from?

That would be the easiest way to wrap this up into a perfect solved box. Unfortunately we can't. For we didn't get dumber as powerful people wanted us to. We paid attention when they thought we weren't. We opened are eyes and looked up while they said duck and cover. We used their technology to scrutinize the proof they presented. We debunked all this evidence that has existed since the birth of film.

Once again, if you watch something so many times. Do you see what you want to see? Yep. Wrapped up again!
Kidding of course, to many anomalies have been seen to just say "it must be my imagination".
The winners of war write the history. Only two atomic bombs have ever been dropped. Kind of like the idea of only 3 steel structure skyscrapers collapsing by fire ever, that was in one day of course. We released the news and footage of Hiroshima & Nagasaki. We wrote the propaganda that became the history in our school books.

How easy would it have, to have been a military strategy, to fake the nuclear race just like the space race? Everything is classified and compartmentalized. The little boy had major setbacks just like the space program did. Those problems led to some of the first conspiracy ideas on both sides. Could we have spent a shitload of our taxpayers money to build a complete city in Tennessee? Started a program to fake the development of a fictitious idea and simply firebomb two cities, film some controlled tests and produce some fake films in the hills of hollywood to secure world domination? It's VeryProbable!

Was and is the arms race a simple power facade and lucrative money laundering gig? Has it been the greatest fear mongering plan the military industrial complex ever created? Yes! Who is not scared of a thermal nuclear war idea. What country would not be scared of the bomb being dropped on them? Japan surrendered in one day.
For me it started like all conspiracies start. Inside another.
David McGowan wrote a book called Weird Scenes inside the Canyon: Laurel Canyon, Covert Ops & the Dark Heart of the Hippie Dream. In it he touches on the only in-house full production studio in hollywood being located in Laurel Canyon called Lookout Mountain. the military ran its secret nuclear bomb film unit out of the joint in the years between World War II and 1963, and it had a soundstage, screening rooms, processing labs, and a staff of filmmakers with top-secret security clearance (the story was just declassified a couple years ago).

He insinuates that this facility among others, were used to create the entire music hippie, love peace movement with kids of military people. Another incredible idea for a later story. To me I was more interested in the only complete studio in Hollywood was used for nuclear bomb films. Why? You film the tests and process the film right? Here is where those propaganda films were created showing us the horrors of the bomb. It was closed down when the job was done? Maybe they should have put the banner up. Mission Accomplished.

So if it was all faked. Then did Russia just decide, We shall fake it to and you can't call our bluff? Creating the biggest arms race and treaty agreements ever. Is this why now we are discrediting the tests by North Korea because it is impossible to have a nuclear bomb? The whole reason Lil Kim Jr is doing this was published yesterday
"North Korea on Saturday demanded the conclusion of a peace treaty with the United States and a halt to U.S. military exercises with South Korea to end its nuclear tests."

I feel like being a die hard Patriots fan the next day after you find out Tom Brady cheated to get to the Superbowl. How much of our life was faked for the benefit of world domination? When stories pop up of the air force and military spreading UFO stories or dancing around commenting on them, simply for use as cover of covert ops and weapons testing. You really have to wonder what is not a lie out of our countries controllers.

After the last 8 year presidency with the color coded terror chart and now our current 8 year cabinet seeing the end of Al Qaeda and the creation of ISIS. I feel, I'm in a Michael Bay franchise called America Fuck Yea! We could have had world peace many time over by now. Unfortunately that is not the formula this world wants. I have watched a lifetime of gay bashing disappear in one year, to see the world embrace gay marriage. I have lived daily for the last 20 years watching the programming the tv has accomplished. I'm not talking about great tv shows either. In one day a news story can now ignite the country and the world to do whatever the creators of that story want. This has played out multiple times through the year starting with Ferguson and ending with Netflix's Avery documentary. Editing does wonders for your argument. So does selective facts and down right made up lies.

To hear Hitler wanted peace before the storm he created. To find Robert McNamara admitted the Gulf of Tonkin was faked. To read all the Fidel Castro assassination attempts and small country coups by the CIA. To hear the Iraq War incubator story was a lie that took us over there. To see 9-11 play out to middle east domination. To see the Syria gassings, revolutions, beheadings. To wake up everyday to weird mass murder, suicide by cop stories and home grown terrorists. The horrors never stop and we have more villains than a Bond movie. Our government and agencies seem to cause chaos, on purpose, to destabilize not only 3rd worlds but every country in the world.

Is this what American Pride is all about? Is this why I have to sing the National Anthem or say the Pledge of Allegiance before anything and everything? Is America holding back world peace? North Korea hates us because we are with the south. Islamic states hates us because we protect Israel. China & Russia know we are full of shit and hate us. We have cut Russia so far off they will have their second collapse soon. While China embraces our stupidity and continues to buy up our country from under us. Some of the craziest world politics are playing out and we are sidetracked by our own with a bunch of Republican buffoons making fun of each other. While the scandal queen prays we all forget her skeletons and let business happen like usual.

What is the end game? Does America become the one great Super Power to be hated by all? Is this all for the benefit and growth of the United Nations? Is Agenda 21 real and in effect? Are we in the middle of a game plan by the richest Bildenburgers to stay fat and in control? Does this all go back to the Vatican? Or the 13 family Bloodlines that may have control the world forever. Or is it one of our greatest created villains, the Illumanti and their luciferians or simply the greatest of all...Darth Vader. Yes he beat Satan out in a poll of worst villains. Is it the inevitable story of Good & Evil. God, Moses, Yahweh, Elohim, Jehovah, Allah or whatever you go by against Beelzebub himself. Or did he have to create a villain to cover up his mistakes. He has the record of being infallible to keep up.

Did our countries agenda change when big business bought the USA or have we been the military force of the Vatican like others claim, doing their dirty work? Like the old tale all mom's tell. Once you lie. You have to keep telling lies. So where do the lies start?

Dr. Friedrich Stieve
[1] Germany's enemies maintain today that Adolf Hitler is the greatest disturber of peace known to history, that he threatens every nation with sudden attack and oppression, that he has created a terrible war machine in order to cause trouble and devastation all around him. At the same time they intentionally conceal an all-important fact: they themselves drove the Leader of the German people finally to draw the sword. They themselves compelled him to seek to obtain at last by the use of force that which he had been striving to gain by persuasion from the beginning: the security of his country. They did this not only by declaring war on him on September 3, 1939, but also by blocking step for step for seven years the path to any peaceful discussion.



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