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What Influences You or What is Your Motivation
When my girlfriend watches tv. The show that takes 90 percent of her time is the Law & Order franchise. Mostly the SVU series. I have been known to watch a few and when we both work from home, I overhear the tv beckoning out to me….listen to my over exploited, highly exaggerated, unspeakable tales of sex, murder, stalking, rape, abuse, assault and death.
Everyday I am questioned with scenarios beyond my thoughts. Beyond my desires. Beyond, any means of ever coming up with. Even if tortured and beaten to produce these stories….well I couldn't do it. They are beyond my realm. She will quiz me to see if I am as perverted as the character she spent an hour analyzing. She will hypothetically put me in a situation that makes no sense, to only her, in this criminal psychology philosophy she is making an instant term hypothesis on.
Still, my lady will question the amount of time I spend on my research and ridicule me on the way I spend that research time. Like her stories are better than mine? I am shuffling though folklore. Through legends. Through tales of conspiracies. Through the headlines that spend too much time in the forums...and the ones that disappear before the recap.
I spend the most time, funneling through the shit that propagates on the web. Influencing lesser, lazier minds into a frenzy of false hopes and beliefs. It has become a factor I didn't calculate for. As a truth seeker. You can get blinded by the light. Wrapped up like a noose another rumor in the night.
After 10 years, digging into a web of lies. I feel like one of those lost soles on Oak Island looking down a shaft of lost dreams. Spending a decade on an idea I cannot prove or disprove. I have heard the stories of the old men ready to die. Wanting to get it all off their chest. The tales of people getting older. Wanting someone to hear their story, one last time, as they put their ducks in a row. I have also heard the propagandist spewing their lies, theories and false pretenses, to not only sell product and their name; but to further whatever agenda they are promoting.
Just like the end of Jay & Silent Bob's movie. I want to track their internet asses down and cause humiliation and pain. There are many lies in this world that have brought down civilizations. Not to mention, decades of advancements to US…the commoners. There are many conspiracies that have been proven. Been exposed. Been thrown into the lime light. Still, this trash of human DNA. For what ever reason, only known to them or their programmers. Tries to muddy the water with liquids that don't mix.
As I have come to learn. Most are like an evangelist looking for a flock. They yell and scream. They say it is for your benefit. They say it is for the sake of the world. Then like a tv network. They take a break to sell you ammo, survival gear, dvds and whatever they have on the shelf or need to push.
Don't ever give me some bullshit statement it takes money to put out the word. Every Religion has non paid peddlers. I spend more money on my artistic beliefs and projects than I take in. I manage a dozen sites and pay for them with no help.
Some of the first voices in the crowd I strained to hear. Turned out to be con men selling the game. Even now in the explosion of the conspiracy game that is being played in the entertainment world. I watch these people bouncing show to show to express their…….This is where I am getting Quagmired!!!!
Eric Von Danikan's Chariot of the Gods, was the first book I owned. Yes, I stole the paperback from our library. But it was not trackable. Yes, this is a confession. You can have the $14.95. I don't care. He is still preaching the same thing 50 years later. Is it because it sells books, shows and lectures? Or does he really believe this and want you to believe it too? Is it really buried truth, that the powers that be are hiding from us? Or does he just live off grant money and book sells?
If he, among the others, do not believe what they preach. They should have their first amendment revoked in the way of their tongues ripped from their throats.Their fingers cut off with pliers and their eyes gouged. So they have no form of communication to the world. Because the only thing they gave society was doubt, lies and the pain of deception.
I am getting sick of the idea and trying to figure it out. I shouldn't have to question my teachers. Still, it's been a practice since my family spent $1000s having artistic idiots, assign projects and publicly destroy people in an open critique, teach me the ways of art & advertising. Confused I am of what to retain and what to laugh at.
Pause….This was my introduction into the world of "The Conspiracy Nut".
I had just spent a few days on the story of a explorer finding an Egyptian cave in the Grand Canyons. It was carried in a local article expressing, The Smithsonian Institute was involved in the expedition. I met a man that work at the Institute and I brought up the story and questioned him on it. His laughter, denial. Not to mention the looks he gave me. Rang deep. Fast Forward 10 years later and this same story is a subject on 6 tv shows. WHY!!!!
Is it there to expose the truth? That a corrupt Institute, that was originally set up to house items from the expedition to the inner earth, that never happened, is secretly concealing historical facts and artifacts that contradict our published chronological order of events in recorded time.
Or is it another false, published tall tale, that is yet, being capitalized on once again for the sake of profit to someone's pockets? My father's philosophy of "I don't believe it until I see it." doesn't realistically work in this world. I have never seen the great pyramids in person, so does that mean they don't exist? Exactly!
Why do people want to make up stories that take away from the 10% of unexplained, they truthers hold onto to prove their existence? Here is a perfect example. I have been seeing these phenomenal pictures of UFOs, moon structures, underwater ruins and other fantastic ideas for years with no way to track them down….until last week.
The Orion Conspiracy. A short film by….wait forget giving him credit for this. It is a presentation of a presenter with power, briefing three what seem to be, important men, on a history different than ours. Only from the early 1900s til now. These photos made me water at the mouth. I was wet. They were things I wanted to be true. Wrecked spacecrafts in the frozen mountain being salvaged and backwards engineered for the greater of the black budget.
This producer of what could be the Holy Grail, to lost souls looking for the light, has a resume after some research. Beside his music video credits. He is a world renown french Photoshop artist. Instantly I have to discredit all of the 1000 photos of evidence he is producing for his documentary.
The real problem with Seb, is he never put a disclaimer on his artistic expression. Have you noticed commercial now a days put small text that says…Your car cannot fly. Please do not jump off a bridge thinking your car will fly. This is a computer generated stunt by professions. Hell youtube was built on the idiots that wanted to be on MTV's Jackass.
Does he have to put a disclaimer on his project? Is it up to us to know when that line of reality is being crossed? By the way. Where the FUCK is this line? The History Channel puts forth shows with no disclaimer that are based on fiction and theory. Not on historical facts. They have continued to promote an agenda that questions and puts down those Rockefeller Made, History Text Books we are seduced to consume.
Our mainstream news continues to run an agenda of dismay and death. Even faking or using, out of context video to promote their skewed view of the Associated Press's discharge, we are suppose to believe and live by.
Where is the truth I seek?
I am suppose to work for crooks that reap my misfortunes for their profits? I am demanded to support and fuel and economy that has enslaved and poisoned the world and only can be fixed after its demise? I am required to believe all propaganda as important information for my essential survival? To go further. I am being asked to accept crackpot theories from people I would probably laugh at if I saw them at Wal Mart?
Many theories I have been researching are real and beyond belief. Wait, I said real before the latter. Do I know anything is real in this world outside of what I see daily? I stare upwards to the skies, waiting. I gloom into the shadows, looking. I close my eyes with my senses highly awake. I watch everything with an open mind. I hope I can speak for many on this point right here….
So what is real and what is fake? What am I suppose to accept as Truth?
Hourly, someone, or a group of conspirators, is deceiving the world for whatever reason. Nine out of ten times it is for gain and profit. That one time it's for the truth.
The profiteers squash the competition. No options are given that compete with their cash-flow consumption.
So that 10%…..That's the truther's 10%, they need, to be their validation or vindication. That something is out there. Whether it's the truth or another wasted drilled hole that filled with saltwater before we saw the bottom. If the truth is out there. Like we are teased hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, for eternity….
It is hidden for one reason. Not for our own good. This is no democracy. It is hidden for a profit. That profit is not only money. It is Wealth, Power, Control, Domination and Slavery.
As I write this and you read this. We are well off. Well beyond the homeless. The Third Worlds. The Strickens. We are still civilized for the time being. Still you cannot deny. We have been stifled, held back from the Tomorrow World we were promised. Not because of non advancement, because of greed.
Free energy exists. The cure to the diseases they pollute us with are in the freezer. The answer to the blanks in our books have been deciphered. The world, the moon, mars and the stars have been surveyed. It has all been done. Nothing new can happen. Of course that's a lie in an infinite world. Yet we regurgitate what works and doesn't work, but makes money.
Anyway back to the subject. You puss heads, you, lying through your teeth, for shock value or personal recognition for a mere 5min before the world destroys you. You stalkers and creators of deceived lives, are playing into the master plan of magic. Slight of hand and deception is what you produce. Not the truth. Any gain of monetary value you get does nothing for you. The only thing you contribute to is what THEY have calculated you to put out. Misleading the masses to believe in something that hides the truth of what THEY want you to believe.
For example, whether truth or not, The FBI, CIA, etc, ran cover of Black Book projects under the assumption the world had of UFOs. They assume you, me and us are bumpkins…I mean cats that get confused when they shine the laser light.
I think this has just became a plea for the truth. I'm tired of thinking, wondering, dreaming, assuming, wasting…time that could be put forth to the furtherment of me personally, others, society and some inventions that might help mankind.
Many of us waste our entire creative lives pondering on the Why and How. While the capitalist profit on the I Don't Cares, the Oh, Here You Gos & the more famous, "Take It Cause This Is What We Want YOU To Believe and Consume" We are gullible suckers from birth to death and it shames me.
I just want to know the truth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Not some story Coca Cola owns about a fictions man in ceremonial colors, incapable of covering the time, distance or quantity of area to deliver the billions of tides of joy to kids, who in reality, is their hungover parents that lie to them the morning after wrapping the dirty commercialized deeds. If life is an overbearing parent. Is it all Just a BIG FUCKING LIE!!!!

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