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Money Makes The World Go Around

Money Makes the World Go Around
"Give me control of a nations money supply, and I care not who makes it’s laws." Anyone that hasn't seen this quote needs to.
It came from the richest man ever on this earth Mayer Amschel Rothchild. This family owns everything. What they don't own. They get the interest off of and have financed somewhere down the line. I think this is the biggest misquote ever because he did care. If he didn't. He wouldn't have stuck his nose into everyone's politics. Making and breaking countries. There are far too many books and documentaries that suggest this man and his family have caused every war in the last 250 years.
When you look at the situation our economy and environment are in. You have to take a long thought why we are here and not living in a Roddenbury world of peace. MONEY or a better word WEALTH. It is no longer a conspiracy, but fact, that there is an elite globalist power making the rules for the world. We have watch the control of our own politics fall from the Congressmen to Big Business. It is a smart philosophy to fill government jobs with experts from the private sector to help with creating legislation and furthering our advancement. As we can see this is the opposite of what is happening. Laws are passed to save the big companies these people came from. Contracts are guaranteed to go to these companies even though they continue to yield no good to us. Only destruction to our environment and to our way of live.
Still it is consider a conspiracy to believe the Bildenburgs exist or even meet regularly. In reality it makes sence for the richest people to get together, meet and come up with ways to protect their wealth and make more of it. I do not disagree totally with their idea that we are just sheep that need to be controlled or put out of our misery. If you think I'm wrong. Stand in front of a convenient store from 4pm to 6pm and count the amount of alcohol bought and see what kind of people are customers. Everyone should be productive in this world and not a waste of air.
In that same breath. Once you learn the game, see who is playing it and can predict the outcome. Why continue to participate? I lost faith years ago. I still have to eat, live and supply my life with things to give me some happiness. So I have to be productive. I just know what to support and what not to believe. I will never have another credit card. I will never buy property nor stocks. If my property can be taken whenever our government decides to. Why waste the money and time to buy my dream? My job is to continue to live check by check. I just need to keeps the checks coming. When they stop. So does the lifeline.

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