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The Matrix

The Matrix?
Welcome to the world we had no clue we were living in. I have now listened to every theory I have been able to imagine and things that are way beyond anyone's wildest imagination. The root of all evil in these scenarios always ends with our governments and the CIA. In the last few days I have stumbled on the ideas that these powers that be. For the last 50 years have had not only the anti-gravity tech, but teleportation, installer travels, on going wars and alliances with aliens. These aren't theories from a crazy guy on youtube. They are coming from the great granddaughter of Dwight D. Eisenhower. This is the second presidential relative to come out with an incredible story and theory why the world is fucked. The first was Gerald Ford's granddaughter coming out on mind control and sex slaves. These books and ideas are laughed off and discredited over and over. How do they get printed? Why don't these families sue for slander and go after these people?
At the same time I type this. Allegations are in the news of the comic book movie genius director Brian Singer is being accused of rape of a young boy and another is bringing out the horrors of the Hollywood casting couch. Stories like these are always crossing each other in the airwaves. Last month the Air Force admitted they have had a robotic space plane in orbit for over a year(s) that stays up for over a month at a time. Is this the mysterious object photographed from a space station that makes its rounds in the conspiracy sites as one of the famed triangle vessels?
There is no separation anymore from reality and fantasy. Half of my programming I'm receiving is OBEY & CONSUME. They other half is REBEL & QUESTION. I am confused of what to believe. I know what I see and it's not the procurement of the American Way or the advancement of human life. It's pure destruction and control. The international Billionaires has taken all industry and jobs out of our country. Which has also affected the quality of all these products. China now makes everything as cheap as it is worth. Screwdrivers that break on the first screw. Flyswatters that break swatting. Toys made with poisonous elements. Dog food made to kill our animals. Even jewelery with ingredients to cause skin damage. They don't have to invade us. They are killing us from within and we are letting them.
I have watched the American Dream slip away in my forty years of growing up. Now the biggest stigma I ever remembered has been broken. We do not negotiate with terrorist. We just traded not 1, but 5 criminals (at least that is what our government labeled them) for one deserter soldier. We have had 3 school shootings and 2 work shootings in the last few months. Of course like always. These killers are never recorded on the dozens of cameras they pass and they are never taken alive....with the exception of the Batman theater shooter, where not one video is present of him entering and walking through a crowded theater in full riot gear. You can watch a Boston Marathon bomber victim with no leg being hauled a quarter of a mile by 3 people with no blood anywhere. It should be shooting like a hose over everything in reality. These false flags are continuing on a faster level than ever. The world sees the news report and moves on with the story embedded in their mind. They don't go back and anaylize. They don't slow down the numerous various angles of footage shot by us and look at what's being presented. The ones that do are discredited and labeled paranoid conspiracy nuts. Most normal people I approach will not watch, think or even entertain the notions when brought up.
Are they just ignorant? Scared? Perhaps like most. They love the bubble they live in. They're personal problems out weigh the bigger picture. The problem is...the bigger picture is what is causing their small personal problems at the lowest level. Money, health, job security, laws, taxes, restrictions, etc.. All an aftereffect of the big plan by the Billionaires. Wear & tax us down until we die sick and penniless.
From what I am gathering from all this over saturation of ridiculous ideas is that there will be no coming clean. There will be no disclosure. Worse, there will be no punishment given to the people, that for whichever reasons, money or power, have preyed on the residents of this planet. When papers are declassified. There are incidents and situations that the players are never punished for. We just blow it off. The CIA should have been shut down years ago with every fact that has been released from their history books.
Just this point alone proves there is a bigger agenda that will not be stopped or derailed by anything. If any politician was human. He would address the concerns and worries of what our secret black budgets are really doing. And of course the devastation they are carrying out on the Earth.
If they cared. Our way of life would be very different than it is. Just at the least, every house would be built with free energy worked in. Solar panels would be everywhere and accessable to even the poorest. Now that pot is being legalized throughout the country. It doesn't seem like liberation. It seems like hell has froze over and the end times are upon us. Please just get on with it. I'm tired of this endless game of check. Either call it a stalemate or put the finishing hold on us. It's like sitting on death row wondering what day you are going down. Just remember when I finally go down. Both hands will be raised high with 2 middle fingers held up. Even in death, if it's my only weapon, my voice will be heard over my cries.

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