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Logic Dictates Evolution

It is very easy to conceive how life has evolved with the theory of:
Logic Dictates Evolution
(Logic Dictates Evolution, is the idea the human race started exactly like deer, elephants and other pack-like animals. We wondered as singles until finding a mate. We reproduce and created families. These families gathered with other families and evolved from tribes to cities to countries. Breeding created new strands of creativity. As collective minds came together. New ideas presented change for the better, creating evolution.)

It is conceivable to understand many generations of humans have existed, grown, evolved, gathered and dispersed, to begin again without knowledge of a past.

I can accept it is possible that the universe is not infinite and we have evolved to be the most advanced civilization in the universe.

I understand ignorance creates assumptions, that fuel legends and grow to conspiracies.

I have also seen my dog listen to and understand me.
I have seen the discovery of new species weekly.
I have seen life that grows in the most extreme conditions and fluriouses.
I have seen life be extinguished only to have a rebirth with more mass.

I have also witnessed the human collective, create a pyramid structure to living. With everyone vying for the tip.
This alone has created an selfish, imbalanced of equality to human life.
Thus producing, the environment we currently live in.
Everything else is up to interpretation. That interpretation can come from the ignorant uneducated, to the expert witness. Interpretation of that interpretation can vary like branches on a tree.
As a society. We have mixed history with fantasy and given it a name....Historic Fiction.
At this point of our existence. There is no inconceivable way of distinguishing between truth, lies and fabrication.
From prankster to special effect experts with agendas. Our thought process is under a constant assault from wannabe instigators spewing their desire, to be a great author, creating elaborate fantasies to make you say hmmm.

First off...
Rule #1. Anything is possible. Explanation will always be defied. If we, as a collective, do not have a complete understanding of everything. How can the possibility not exist. To be able to execute every idea to the fullest. Or for the unbelievable to be real. Never underestimate man and his desires.

Rule #2. Power corrupts completely. On every level. From a child with a secret. To a dirty man harboring skeletons in the closet. Popularity, wealth, privilege, power, knowledge. Whatever the aphrodisiac is that teases us. The apple doesn't fall far. There will always be a dictatorship and a race for the contenders. Agendas will be given birth and secrets will hide the truths.

Rule #3. Love, Pride, Envy, Greed, Jealously & Hatred are created out of everything. They can grow or be contained, but never eliminated.

Rule #4. Love is the way of life. Hate is the enemy of all. Education is the answer to everything.

Rule #5. Since life has evolved into the societies we have. Since our parents that live, and have been bred into this way of life, gave us birth. It is our responsibility, as a sole person, to participate in and further this way of life as it continues to evolve.

Rule #5.5. If the pre-mentioned way of life, is evolving into or running at a vibration that is proven to be wrong, by evidence and not speculation. You have the right to make a grievance. If not heard or dismissed. You have a right to campaign against and not participate in this way of life, to the level required by the laws of that society.

Rule #6. We are born, grow, live and die. The route we take will vary, but always...the ending is the same.

Rule #7. Everything is explainable with the answers and all parts of the equation.

So back to my theory. Logic Dictates Evolution. This works for every thought process there is.
Example: There is a river to cross.
First you swim. Then you create a ferry. Next you build a bridge.
FInally you would fly. But our thought process stopped with the bridge...completely. Some bridges are built and never thought about again until they collapse. That starts the politics of evolution which is another subject.

The old "Fork in the Road" is what I'm trying to get at. Your decisions plot your destiny. Hopefully those decisions will have some logic in them and your destiny is a collection of lessons learned. Our evolution has been totally based on our logical decisions on how we live and grow in life. Actually we hoped most thoughts were logical, but as we have discovered, many decisions are based on pure greed and power. Generally tho, our advancements have all come from the desire for the betterment of our lives and the continuation of our existence.

For instance. No matter how far off course the corruption has taken the oil industry. When oil was discovered, the idea presented itself to fuel the world. We ran with it. Of course we have developed many options to compete with the fueling source, but again that goes back to the politics of evolution. But it is again, logic evolving evolution.

Each thought creates more thoughts, with questions, answers and ideas that continue the process indefinitely. Making our evolution the definition of itself....constantly evolving. This is why every futurist's thought and idea of the future is traffic in the air. We were born on the ground and to evolve. We need to conquer the skies.

Now in this equation I have created. This could mean Ignorance Creates Recession, but that would not be true. Along with ignorance, logic, greed & politics can create recession. Of course, do not weigh out disaster as a factor of anything including the opportunity for evolution. (On a natural & political level.)

When you try to analyze life on a cellular structure it gets very complicated it. I'm not talking about the human body. That is beyond complications and still beyond mastering by us. I'm talking about life by using an acronym that is as close to us as you can get....Cellular or should I say....Compartmentalized. Which is one of the greatest ways we have evolved. It is the easiest way to grow as a society. From Ants all the way up the food chain. If you are a social animal. Individual tasks are the proficient way to build a goal.

They are also the best way to give any conspiracy the creditability they need to live. A never ending chain of "Need to Know".
Every business, family, relationship, country and society is ran compartmentalized on a need to know basis. Whether a corruption, drawback or a benefit to being human. This is a way of life. A (ignorant) cashier at a store has no concept of what the Manager's responsibility is, over top of counting out their drawer. An employee or salesmen has no uneducated idea of what the C.E.O of the company has to or is doing. Usually getting highly overpaid for doing something a board collectively decides, but thats besides the point.

Maybe this is why I have so many questions and there is as much speculation. We live on that need to know basis and we don't need to know the big picture. We simply need to know how to survive day by day and with the creation of socialized societies this has become so easy, you cannot even commit suicide legally or accidently.

As the movie Men In Black stated. "And a second ago, you thought you were alone in this world." Most people understand this job in life. It has become the downfall of our democratic society. Our isolated bubble shields us from the truth we may want and keep the gears lubed as we 9 to 5 our life away. Thank god for the creation of sanctioned sports and mindless entertainment. This gives our bubble no way of busting anytime soon.

Most of our examples in life are the "TeamWork" philosophy. From sports, to our job. Straight down to our HomeOwners Association responsibilities. Go with the flow. Fit In. Conform. Participate. Join. Follow. You get the point. It's your duty until you can prove it's wrong. As for the homeowners association or the PTA. You have the choice not to live there or send your offspring to that school. As for life's either conform or separate. Now most of us can't or won't conform and the rest of us. Do not know how to correctly separate. The correct way is to buy lots of land, away from others. Become self sufficient. Pay your taxes and live your life. To conform is to be productive to society and try to stay within the parameters of the laws to your best abilities. But again this brings in Rule 5.5. Most laws are proven to be wrong and made simply for political and revenue purposes.

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