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2-29-12 Life Questions
After watching a marathon of Ancient Aliens all bout Angels, Gods, etc. I really want to go on record by saying. "Damn you God. For the thousand hours of wasted time trying to figure out life. And Damn you for the collective billions of hours the world has lost.....Along with the millions of lives slaughtered for Religious reasons." It is either arrogance or non existence. When we get a job we get trained. When we buy a product it comes with an owners manuel. The idea of creating a life and walking away to let it "figure it out" is just bad parenting. Call Social Services!
The amount of work and creating I could have done alone if I wasn't so preoccupied with "How & Why I'm Here!" If God exists. He has to accept this argument. Why should anyone blindly worship him with faith in a world that takes it away from you on a daily basis? It would be like living in the DC Universe. Don't Worry Superman will save us!"
I mean the whole thought alone of being the only life in the universe is just arrogant. I watch flies just appear. We have billions of species alone on this planet. If we can't see 7/8th of the universe we have no right to say we are alone.
All of this pondering, investigation and speculating is bringing me to the conclusion that hours of programming a night are feeding the world. Aliens exist. They helped man evolve and they are now working with and against the elite power of the world. What's wrong with that? You got to have faith as they say......

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