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Job Security

Job Security
A young lad interested in jumping into the world of Capitalism was quizzing me on why I was self employed. After making my key points. I ended with it was all basically Job Security. A way to protect my job. This threwh him into a loop of non understanding. So I had to explain it to him. That got me thinking of my 2 favorite job security stories. A back story here. I have been fired or let go from almost every job I have ever had...until I became self employeed. Now I keep all my clients and care about my job more.
Our first story takes us back to my first full time DJ job. 911 just went by and my phone stopped ringing. My business was shut down and I was living off loans from the folks. So I took a job as a DJ at The Underground/Vixins complex. This was a 6-7 day a week job. I worked there for over 3 years. I got so secure. I bought a house, car and other things. I never got a day off. If I was sick. I worked in the booth with a trash can between my legs. I lived there. So to make the long confusing situation short. The managers downstairs were letting a few ladies prostitute. My job was to run the show with no hitches. One day shit went down and I expressed. I'm not covering for this. Especially when I not getting a cut. So instantly there was a DJ to replace me before the song even stopped playing. Couldn't get a day off ever, but they had my replacement in less than 1 hour. So my $1500 a week job was gone. Now I'm in a worse situation because I'm back in debt with no job. Still came out on top!!!
My second story was being a subcontractor. This loss wasn't as bad because I had numerous clients & jobs coming in, but his one stung the most though. I landed the Wedding DJ job at Jordan Springs. It was my second lowest payscale, but the first year alone I did over 50 events and weddings. I was well liked and respected. Tipped, praised and generally had a great time. I started turning down work. Hired another dj to cover other gigs. Basically, I put my schedule on hold to service Jordan Springs. Then the incorrect day bookings begin to happen. The next year, the events fell to under 25 and I was still turning down work to keep my schedule open to accomodate them. Soon brides found my website and started trying to book me behind their back because the highest booking rate was still cheaper than Jordan Springs rate. This raised a big red flag. They were making 5 Times what they were paying me. I brought this up after the second year was finished. I explained that I spent $3000 on new equipment to enhance my presence at functions. I lost out on $1000s in turned down gigs and misbookings.
I simply said. I enjoy working for you and I would like a raise to compensate for the large difference in money being made off my services..........I never got a phone call again from them.
To most businesses, employees are like french fries. There are the good expensive ones and then there are the store brand ones.
Their idea is...Why spend the money on the good stuff when they go quick and you need so much? Plus most people wont even care if they are cheap fries and don't taste good. They are just filler on the plate. Not the main course.
That is not true for everyone. Remember that. I have had some great bosses and I have 2 right now that defend me. Stick up for me. Know my value and understand they got the top of the line Fry. Both run competing venues and accept my relationship with other restaurants, bars & venues. Thank you Dale Massey & Conrad Coffman. I consider myself an employee of both Piccadilly Public House & The Blue Fox. I handle both of their entire advertising campaigns, their big events and I am at their disposal the minute they call. That's why I'm self employeed. I have the opportunity to do multiple jobs with different skill sets. I become more than an employee to my clients. It's my name on everything so I care more and want to do the best job possible.

That's a big difference from someone being paid around minimm wage, being overworked and getting no love from their employers. Told more times what you did wrong than what you did right. They only time they know who you are is when you call in sick.

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