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Piers and the Gun Control Trumpet
I never cared for Larry King and was not going to give a moment to a blimey brit being sold off as the next greatest talk show host ever. Thanks to YouTube we now can see the greatest hits of everything. So looking back. The king spent way too much time on aliens and Morgan has started a losing battle with gun control which many say led to his demise.
When you take all the clips out of context and watch them together. It seems more like an agenda than a bad choice of subjects. The guests backgrounds supported the issues and his non-american argument and defense never strayed. Morgan would you James Holmes and Adam Lanza over and over as the reason for all bans and disarmament. It would become a bad record stuck on a loop. Thank God I never watched this guy. I can barely watch for a minute without wanting to punch him out. It seems others have including the host of Top Gear.When you hear this buffoon ramble about something his British ass can never understand. The inner lining sticks out that he was given this show. Told the agenda and forced to carry it out until we the viewing Americans couldn't take his programming attempts to make us hate guns.
I've never been a fan of guns. I've shot the ones we most do. Shotgun, bb gun, 22, 45, 9mm and I was lucky to try that Smith & Wesson hand cannon that nearly knocked me off my drunk ass. Still I have never wanted to buy guns, nor have I ever wanted to limited anyone's choice to do so. Although in the last few years I have seen an agenda unfolding. It doesn't help having a man like Alex Jones screaming in a bullhorn. "They are trying to take our guns before they take us over!!"
I saw the Reagan assassination attempt live. Hinkley was a big player in my upbringing history. I remember the Brady bill that came out of it. 30 years later I learn John Hinkley's parents were big Republican supporters with many ties to Bush and campaign monies. The Columbine shooting impacted us, but I didn't remember any big Law pushes like the recent incidents have brought on. The Sandy Hook & Theater murders started the banning arguments and legislation of AR15s and automatics. Both situations lack many details including just seeing one clip of either walking by the numerous cameras present at both locations. The third recent incident in Boston wasn't gun related, but we saw a precedent set when a city was locked down and armed swat riot troops went door to door, manhandling innocent people in a pure set show for the public. All 3 of these crimes are used as nails in the coffin with hammers swinging from every direction. Still all 3 incidents have open questions and conspiracies hovering like flies over roadkill.
From both sides of the mic we are getting it. The politicians are gunning for the guns, for their layered reasons. The control media, uses it hourly, to exploit the memory of people we have no clue exist or were crisis actors on a job. They force it into discussions with the idea they can flip our opinion to an answer they are trying badly to program into us. They make us fight each other for the wrong reasons. The guns were the means. Not the motives.
If you listen to our President, who unscriptedly took his time to spit the words out this morning. Said these shooting are happening every week. Then he spent the next few sentences basically saying how frustrating it is that we won't cave in on gun control. In the last year we have had quite a few shootings, but statistically there is a crime with a gun hourly. These shootings, to the first appearance are surreal. No one knows who these people are. Even when they were suppose to be in their class or a co worker. They mostly kill themselves and we see no footage or body in the wake.
With an issue becoming this big. It probably wouldn't be hard for a few shady bill makers to find some special unit guys willing to gun down some innocent civilians for the sake of the furthering the cause for a gun free america. We already have a government that secretly makes deals with terrorist. We had special forces labeled the "Bearded Americans" that terrorized iraqians in the middle of the night. Dragging them away by 4 wheelers. Of course the biggest shocker to us this year was our government is so scared of us. They have to hack our phones, emails and social media accounts to see what we are doing. Is it that far akew to think these incidents aren't false flags? When you flaunt the survivors. Mention it on a daily basic. Then quote from it while trying to pass legislation. It seems another agenda is happening.
Once again we keep forgetting the cause and focusing on the effect. We live in a disturbing society that has been corrupted from within. Growing up an 80s kid. You knew the crazy ones. No adays it seems everyone is crazy and on medications. People need to get high to cope with it. We weren't taught what to do when you lose your house. When your career is rendered obsolete. When your town died because the industry moved to Mexico. When you have no income and collectors are harassing. When it takes $100 to fill the gas tank. There is a reason why we have tv shows called SNAPPED. People lose it.
If you want to fix gun control. You should start with fixing the person that has the fingers on the triggers. You can drain a pool to keep people from drowing or you can teach everyone how to swim. If you drain it. People will still find a way to hurt themselves by falling in. If you take the guns away. People will still find a way to kill. Using explosives, poisons, vehicles, swords. Maybe even flame throwers. When you have a job to do. You look for the easiest weapon. It just happens the automatic rifle works well for mass gunning.
The Brady bill should have been the end of this discussion. The 7 day wait and background check should have been enough to establish your sanity and motives. Wait I got sidetracked again. If I snap. I'm using whatever I can find to do harm. Let's fix the Snap!
Cure the problem before it explodes into an issue.
Alex Jones, among others, wave a flag high and wide, with the idea our country is no longer ours. The politics show this. The manufacturing, commerce & banking industries pulled anchor long ago. Even this week, we broke the biggest stigma. No negotiation with terrorist. Just like watching the best of clips of Piers Morgan at his worst. You can compile and watch dozens of news reports, hours of speeches & discussions. Even days of videos from proponents, conspiracy ideas and blatant facts put together for the producer's agenda. You can watch on your on, analyze the proof or what is being presented to you, see the reinforcement of certain issues and facts. Then you can come to your own conclusion. Mine has become, their is a war going on for our guns. It consists of brainwashing us to fear guns, not to want guns, even trade in our guns for money. It continues with legislation passed in secret, hidden deep in other bills or blatantly in our view with our blessing. It ends with long lines to register. Door to door seizures and profiling citizens as terrorists, resistants, criminals, people who are against the New World Order. It is true in history when the government took the guns. A dictator ship began. History always repeats itself and we never learn our lesson. Will you let them take your guns or will you switch to the sword and axe!

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