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Giving Up

1-30-12 Giving Up
I never wanted to give up. My goal was the rich and fame route all the way. It took longer than I thought to realize that cost on every level. I watched a doc on Lombardi last night. It showed me what success looks like and how it comes....With alot of sacrifices and losses elsewhere in your life.
I was good at everything, still never utilized. Even my close peers passed me over to the point of taking confidence levels with them. In school they actually taught me drive, humiliation and rejection. It still never prepared me for the feeling the real world gives you. I got to the point where the more money I made. The more I didn't get to take home. Hell If I had my bounce fees, late fees and fines back for the last 20 years. I could live very nice. I did things to look good in the community to see no benefits come. I put myself out there for the world. Only to be mocked and the bunt of many conversations. I rigorously hunted for new clients and made them happy by taking losses. Still a cheaper me always comes along. I came to a conclusion that the life of bitching and complaining from me has not fixed more than 1% of my argument. Now I am being fed all the propaganda that either the world is ending this year or the NWO takeover will happen. So I am left with the anxiety that I have no hope and have to give up.........
I guess until 2013 and see if everything was a lie.

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