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Footloose Remake

2-9-12 Remake Footloose?
I just snuck in a viewing of the new Footloose. My girlfriend is so against it, so I had to hide it like a dirty secret. I think this movie finally made me understand the remake thing. First off I know it's really big execs pitching premade hits that they own so they are guarenteed a hit. This doesn't always come true for them and I don't know if this movie was any different. I mean the studio sent the cast on CNN and other shows to not just promote the movie, but for arguing the point of the remake. Some stories are so strong. I feel they need a facelift and retold. Footloose was one of those movies I hold close to my heart. It was my first date. It was my first soundtrack. Hell half of my school went out that week and got the Kevin Bacon haircut. In conclusion it was a very big deal to my generation.
This remake blew me away. I loved not only the treatment. The cast was better. The music was cooler, because I already new it and I liked the twist on the remakes. Most people hate change. In a remake world. You are either praised for your portrayal of the story of shunned for the worse than original rendition. Being a DJ I like the cover tunes, remixes and updates. I'm sorry world. The days of stale, always there, Walter Cronkite and Paul Harvey are gone. The entertainment world has reduced are attention span to 3 sec and 1 airing. We need constant update. New logos. New colors. New slogans. The old days things lasted forever. Especially products. This new area everything dies fast and hard.
The remake is here forever. Whether you like it or not. Someone can always tell the tale better or technology makes the story have better effects. We are about to start on a 2nd telling of Spiderman and soon a 3rd telling of Superman and Batman. Jump on the train or let it pass by. It's up to you. I just know if I have to sneak a movie. Then I can get as emotional as I want because no one is there to see me cry.

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