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I'm really getting scared of this trend that is being thrusted into our faces. In my third novel which was written around '96, I created a scenario with historic characters, being the Shawnee Indian tribe and George Washington. Both were in my town in the late 1700s. So I wove a fictitious meeting with them for a plot mover. I thought this was so cool and also whether I would get in trouble for it.
Now this idea has reached another level that I feel is highly dangerous. Watching for the second time last night, xmen first class. They take the cuban missile crisis and weave a fictions story of mutants saving the world.
By now everyone knows the damage Dan Brown has done on the world. Now other authors continue the mockery like Brad Metser among them.
Will you allow me to coin the phrase...Facticion? This molding of truth and lies or even legend has done to our society what crack least I feel this.
Conspiracey Theorist have long careers. I am over five years now into this obsession. Some of these experts are on 20 and 30 years. That's as bad as any addiction. There is no truth in anything now. I would hate to see people believing cancer man shot Kennedy from the drain as portrayed in the X-files movie or even worse to think some gigantic blue guy named Dr. Manhatten won the Vietnam war.
Theories are dangerous and when combined with facts. You have a cocktail from hell.

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