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Why I Use Facebook

There are 3 reasons why I use Facebook.
1. The main reason is why everyone uses it. It's the greatest tool for communication ever created. I have over 1000 friends.
A majority I know and love. The other are related to my next reason why I use it.
2.To promote Skyhigh, my public events and my design company. Along with my hobby of creating art for the sake of art.
The third reason is the best. I like to make everyone, that will listen, aware of things they should, at least hear and decide for themselves. If it is hype or relevant to life. One time I was duped by the Onion Network. I thought their logo was the RT and freaked out over what looked like a US Representative on the floor of the House speaking out over a bill that basically took everything away from us and allowed the government to go crazy. I apologize for that post if it caused drama like it did to me.
We now live in a world where…
We were watching tv and living life. Not paying attention as big business bought our dreams and our souls. They changed our history. They keep the good stuff for themselves and feed us morsels as if we were Oliver Twist. They propagate their ideas and make them news and entertainment to the masses. Most conspiracies have been proven to be true. People are killed for greed. Wars are played out for power. The media was created for manipulation and control of the masses. In todays world, many boys cry wolf and we lose track of where the real predator is.
The secret fourth reason I use Facebook, is to prove the conspirator backlash that believes it is a way to monitor the country. Of course it is!!! I say some crazy stuff. Still no one has kicked in my door and hauled me away. That doesn't mean that everything I have spatted, isn't saved in a file designated with numerals that correspond somehow to me.
I wondered one day how Twitter just appeared and the world was on it and I wasn't. Was I that clueless to what is hip? Did I let the next Facebook pass me by when I was watching another slight of hand? It wasn't til I caught a news cast of how the police track incidents in their cities because of the twitter chatter and they can track situations to the areas based on the tweets. Never clicked in! Even after we have been living for a few years in the "What'sTrending" society. It was right there....compiling in the background.
Algorithms…Thats what's trending, tracking, documenting, categorizing, profiling and predicting what We will do, or are in the midst of. People spill their guts on Facebook. They post where they are. Where they will be and what they did at each location. Plus what they are thinking of doing or want to do with the participation of anyone that will respond.
The big conspiracy was the RFID chip scenario. An implant to track your life. Why do that now when people, camp out to be the first to get their new device that…
Tracks their GPS location. Knows their daily calendar, their contacts, their friends, their chatter & picts of every aspect of their life. It knows their thoughts through our internet inquiries. It can monitor our health levels and our daily habits. It can tell someone else this and anything else they want to capitalize on to make a buck or manipulate us to believe their propaganda.
We have created the perfect Orwellian society, by design, through advancement in known and unknown sciences. Known, as we know, this is a phone that is capable of everything except hugging. Unknown as…This device, was sponsored by fractions that want to use it to record everything you do for commercial use, monitoring you and recording all you do for future scrutinizing.
Now the scenario goes back to what a few of my friends state. I don't want people knowing that. The question becomes what do you not want who to know. Within a year. Every Aspect of our life and home will be controllable from that device in our hand that is suppose to be a phone. Mostly, it's your personal Facebook navigator, but more than often, it is the conduit the collective uses to keep track of where you are, what you are doing, what you're thinking of doing and what you are capable of.
So the next time you want to rant on Facebook. Spill a secret or desire. Bash a person for a reason. Have no fear that we have created the perfect police state by choice and we willingly keep participating in it. No matter how many time you post….I'm taking a break from Facebook. You come back or keep watching without talking. It is not only the greatest way for the world to communicate in 70 different languages. But it's the perfect policing tool. People have already proven how stupid they are posting crimes on a social network. So in return they get caught.
There's nothing wrong about being under surveillance. We should live good, clean honest lives, not in need of concealing secrets. The problem is the people surveying. What are they looking for? What will they use against me? What they do with my surveillance? Many times instant replay helps solve the crime. Listening to idiots on Facebook can perhaps prevent crimes. Just don't kick in my door and take me away for speaking my mind on issues that need to be said. The minute that happens. They have proven just how scared of us they really are. That's when we are in trouble. So if I stop posting. Be very afraid.

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