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Ethically Children

3-26-12 Ethically Children
Yesterday I received my first complaint from my Kid's Karaoke. I just completed my first month. It's a good learner for a real karaoke night since I'm new to the KJ world, so I am still getting into my groove you could say. Anyway this person wrote down her opinions and gave it to the owners who showed it to me. They didn't take it seriously, but I did. It basically said Kid's Karaoke shouldn't be mixed with happy hour. She was not stating about parents endulging in a few afternoon cocktails. She was expressly talking about a girl who sang Carrie Underwoods "Before He Cheats" Now this girl's mom brought a nice camera and took shots of children all day. She recorded the Before He Cheats performance or her cell phone. Her daughter is also a big Taylor Swift fan.
Now I do not have kids, but my ideals have changed drastically as I have grown. Especially after being in the music industry and trying to make it big. I know exactly how sick this line of work is. I wanted to ask the complainer whether or night she watches American Idol and if she does with her children. Even if she doesn't. Her kids are saturated with Carrie Underwood daily. Yes it makes me sick too and it's just another reason not to listen to the radio or watch Idol shows.
When she put it in I didn't think it was the most appropiate song being the content is about cheating and revenge. Something a 10 year old doesn't need to know...or do they...or do they already know? I can edit bad words from a song, but not content. She doesn't know the dozen Eminem, Lil Wayne & Nikki Minaj songs among other that I have not even given the chance. How am I suppose to stop kids from singing Sexy & I Know It from LMFAO, when it is on the radio 4 times an hour and on constant play on their ipod and phone? I can't. If your kid is wanting to sing this. I am far from the problem. Come out of your glass house and shatter your own windows.
I personally think the whole music industry sucks and intentially caters to turning your children into thugs, whores and abusers. I wish I didn't have to play most of the stuff these kids request. I will tell you this. I can go from a nightclub to the Boys & Girls Club and the same requests will be asked.
Decades ago you could break records and kids couldn't afford to replace them. Now they can just go to youtube and be one of the 12 million views. Sorry parents, these Satanists have won the battle with your children.

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