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The World Of Disney

The World Of Disney
So the story starts in the mid 70s. Three generations of my family would sit on Sunday nights and enjoy the Wonderful World Of Disney. The newest park was still young. The programming would go from behind the scenes of the parks. To Jungle and Wildlife programs brought to you by the Mutual Of Omaha. Every once in a while we would get the cartoons or a good movie like Pete's Dragon, Mary Poppins, Herbie or the Apple Dumpling Gang. Once the Black Hole! Movies you no longer hear of or think of.
The world of Disney and my own personal world have always been connected. I wanted to be a Disney animator from the start before Star Wars came out then it was Special Effects and being an actual Director.
I continued to grow through Disney's third phase which I will call it. They started with the Fantasia, The Mickey Mouse Club and the Brothers Grimm stories in phase 1. That brought about the first park. Then they went into live movies and animal kingdom programming and built their next park. I was around for the idea and creation of Epcot, the next park. This is when the next phase started. The new animation. The Lion King, The little Mermaid, etc. The next phase would be Europe and the Disney Cruises. Then the fifth phase would be buying franchise and finally the sixth…..World Domination. No it's not a conspiracy. They planned it and did it. In 2013 they basically own all of the entertainment companies and their vacation parks are running the competition into early retirement.
As I went off to art school in Miami I got to return to the park again and set up an internship for 2 weeks which was actually a requirement of my degree. Here I was emerged into the world. I got to see the underground, the studios, the workings. I was even in a few shows. I talked my way out of wearing any suit though. At this time I got to meet employees with stories. I got to learn some of the skeletons. Nothing much, than big business getting over as much as they can stuff.
It wasn't until Disney came to Virginia secretly to buy land for a new park that never came to be. I watch a town fight and win the battle. This was intriguing because Disney was lying about who they were to get a good deal on property. They did this at all the locations. It was Florida that they got caught so instead of 40k an acre they were paying 150k an acre. Anyway around it. They hit my radar. I was in my "I Hate the Corporate World" phase and the nicest company in the world was secretly lying.
Not until I went down the rabbit hole into the Truth Seeking Movement (conspiracy theory nuts to you). Did Disney start to really appear. First it was, they were a part of faking the moon landings at their studios. The next would be the worst. Being a major player in child abduction an MK Ultra programs, where kids are basically brainwashed for many different jobs. From being Justin Timberlake, to a sex puppet basically. Easy to laugh these ideas off. Then came the embedded images throughout their media. This brought on the biggest conspiracy, Satanic endoctrine and worship.
This is something also I use to laugh off. Until you see the big picture that either Satan does exist or 98% of the entertainment industry thinks he exists or pretends he exists. From their first movie Fantasia. Disney has had this fascination with magic and the occult. It is thrown in your face with movies like Hocos Pocos, Witch Mountain for example. But it is hidden in other movie to be what the call subliminal hints. These are hand gestures, comments, etc. All of this is also easy to dismiss. Some people have even brought the disney font into question as the e and other character swirls seem to make a 6. I blew this off until I saw the Disney store and then the Downtown Disney Interactive Theater. Both have 3 swirls overlaying that look blatantly like 666. The theater is right across from the House of Blues where I was watching MegaDeath. Right…A great band to be playing on Disney Property. The whole house of blues is covered with voodoo imagery and symbols. Plus lots of things against God and religion. One of the entrances has an arch with symbols around it. The top one is the eye over the pyramid. As much as you think it's laughable. It just is in complete repetition everywhere. From the decor to the completely created imagery of film. Nothing hit me more when I saw their newest resort hotel and the building in Epcot beside Mother Earth. Both pyramids with eyes above them.
So the idea that they are over the norm big business antics is totally plausible. I mean hell. They pipe in smells and sounds into the park to subliminally control your choices. As a big bad corporation. They have their share of deaths, lawsuits, OSHA fines and ongoing problems. As the powerful company they are. They have the largest busing fleet in the world. They have the 5th largest boating fleet. All for Free usage by anyone that jumps on at downtown Disney. They have bought 4 of my Favorite Franchises that I love. The Muppets, Marvel, Pixar and now Star Wars. They own 80% of the movie companies and tv channels. They have Disneyfied our world like it or not.
Haters use to laugh at the idea news was controlled. At that time 3 people owned all the news making it very easy to control. Disney now has the power to put forth any agenda they want with their empire. The biggest agenda they have is money of course. They want to bleed every dollar out of you. When you go to the parks. Disney does not want you to leave. Everything you need is there and when you do go home. You can furnish your entire home and life with disney products to keep you in the state of bliss forever.
When you go to the parks. it is magical. You can see through the magic and sometimes the magic just stops. Like it did for us when our first night coming back to a $600 room. The power was cut off to the entire resort. Which meant even the Buses couldn't make it through the electrical gates. Which brought us to learn this phrase when you want something.
"Not feeling the Magic Right Now."
For everything the are and are not. They are the largest corporation in the world. My entire city and country would make up just the employees of the Disney World resorts. I have to love them because I really don't want to hate them. Yes they are as fake as anyone else is in the world. This is my only point. Like I said they like to bleed you for your money. Hiding movies in the vault and such. Parents, my only advice is let your kids experience Disney, but don't buy into the hype. They are not a family company as their motto says. Not one of their shows or movies is family oriented. Remember Bambi's family was killed. Almost every movie removes the child from the parents. It's all entertaining, but when you pay attention it is disturbing.
it's all fun and games. But letting them babysit your kids is like turning them over to a convicted petafile.

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