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The Dark Moon

The Dark Moon
So I have finished yet another amazing documentary on the fake lunar landings. I am always taken back by the first website that I stumbled upon over 15 years ago. I was prideful and instantly insulted by this guy's site. I spat off an email stating what an idiot he was and how he shouldn't say these hurtful things. Then I stepped back and saw who this guy actually was. He was a very experienced photographer and he was only questioning the story upon the different light sources that appear in the moon photos. Soon I was sending an apologetic email back explaining I spoke too soon.
Since that day of revelation the stories and evidence has only increased. From the discovery of the Van Adder belt to the jet engine technology failures. A scientist called the makers of the spacesuit to see if it could be used in Japan to protect people from radiation at the blown reactors. They stated there was no protection from the radiation. After I started to learn photography and researched Chernobyl disaster and saw the photos taken there. It was quite clear the temperatures in space weren't the biggest factors affecting the film but the radiation alone would have made sure no clear pictures would have been developed. Still every NASA picts look better than a professional in a controlled environment.
I have still been on the fence simply for the fact always explained to me, that no one can keep a secret. Well it turns out many can and thanks to compartmentalizing government projects. It makes it even easier. I can respect and even justify the USA faking this event. It defined our country as the leader of the world. We saved face having no deaths and we looked like Gods.
Now the story has evolved far beyond a simple hoax filmed in the desert at Area 51 to an elaborate Sci-Fi epic. Today the chatter is, the whole space program is a joke to coverup the real technology that exists. Bases were established on the moon by the Nazis and many other before them. You can spend hours looking at pictures of 2 mile tall towers, cities on the Dark Side of the Moon and my favorite, the ancient asian/indian wreckage we allegedly went into and brought back a dead female perfectly preserved.
This do "What Happed on the Moon" had interesting facts you cannot overlook. The second Apollo landing quoted by saying something like...."Just like Neil. We didn't even make a crater. Then they showed a failed test landing in the 90's (on Earth) where the rockets not only made a crater. They blew everything around it away. Easily you can say that was on Earth and not in a zero gravity Scenario. You can say many things to discredit the hecklers and they do. But when you listen to intelligent scientists that have nothing to lose (except their jobs, fundings & life) explain what we normal people don't understand. It sounds like a slap in the face.
To me, far too many questions overpower the logistics of what I saw and was told throughout history. But the minute you deny the moon landing. You have to discredit far more than just an event that happen nearly 50 years ago. You actually have to deny the last 5 decades and how we got to where we are now. I would love to continue to believe this fascinating history that has made every kid want to be an astronaut. Unfortunately it is impossible to do that.
With the condition and direction this world has gone in the last 80 years. You can easily see there is a diabolical gameplan that is still to be unveiled. You can also understand there is no way the US or Russia can come out and discredited the whole lunar landing. Since operation paperclip when we split the german scientist up between the 2 countries. It is perfectly clear this has been a joint venture. Which now puts the whole Cold War up for the Hoax. That's a different story in it's own and yet another way for me to piss off anyone that was involved in the Cold War Era.
So wWhether it is true or faked. It still makes better viewing and researching than wasting time watching American Idol or the next Micahel Bay movie. Take it for whatever it is, but do not be closed minded and ignorant with the possibilities of the Truth.

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