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Corporate Inuition & Decisions

Corporate Inuition & Decisions
I have always understood that the Boardroom and those suit wearing idiots make the wrong decisions quite a bit. Even though they have think tanks, customer feedback, human resources, power meetings etc.. We could spend years on the stories. Well this week the story focuses on moi. Que the sad music. Many people dream of being on the radio...Well they use to before VJs at least. Don't let the short attention span generation Z press fool you. We all listen to the radio at moments and times. Especially when there is no TV and CDs. To get on the radio is hard. It's a $10 an hour job with 60 hr weeks and no overtime pay. To become big.
You have to approach the station with your own show and have the advertisers to pay for it, or backers at least.
This is just how lucky I got. Our newest local radio station offered to sponsor the stage at the venue I work for the majority of my time. The deal included 7 days of advertising and a 30 min show on Sunday Nights. My offer was I will do all the commercials weekly for free if you let me have the 30 min show for myself. After weeks of setting up studios, equipment and getting the sound correct.
I hit the airways. My plan was working perfect. Everytime I got into the car. I was on a radio spot. Within 5 months, strangers were approaching me. Friends commented daily on the spots. Musicians & bands were listening to the show and trying to contact me to be on it. If I texted, facebooked or called a band. It was an instant approving connection. The station was loving everything I did. They were blown away with the commercials. My star power was rising.
The next step, was for the station to give me an extra half hour and the option to sell it myself.
But then my boss calls with some disturbing news. The bigwigs that own the station are changing format. Less than 4 years in.
The coolest rock station the area has had in...forever is going oldies??? WTF!!! Like I said. Everywhere I go. The response is.
People are listening to the station. Although my commercials are airing a little too much. I guess they are lacking advertisers. Still,
killing your product before it matures? The station already runs a top 40, country & talk radio out of the same building. It's not like it doesn't have funding to get it through the humps. Even the DJs share time on the other main station. So the cost would seem to be small. Still the Corporate side only sees $$$$$ and not the pulse of us inside the box.
The sad thing is it's all a secret and I can't make a final plee to the community to step up and save this cool station for the community that has come to like it. Once again we let the controlling powers, pick and choose what we are fed. Even if their food is past it's shelf life.

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