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2-23-12 Competition
I started thinking of competition and the whole idea of it. Not getting sidetracked. I have come to the conclusion. It is one of the stupidiest inventions ever. The amount of money, effort and time wasted on the idea of who is the best. Usually the competitions we create barely make sense. I'm not talking sports or elections. I'm talking the Pepsi/Coke challenge and everything scam that follows.
I was in an Artshow last year for Habitat. I allegedly won first place for professionals. I never got an award nor was I present to accept. I did a piece like I would in my style. When I dropped off my art. I saw the most unique creations that were far better than mine. Most weren't even in the same category. Art is art. It can't be compared. You might say it can. I guess it is good to know what the best tv is for value, but seriously they all suck. Quality doesn't matter when it's stocked, shipped & delivered by idiots. Numerous reasons can make products not work. Making a competition useless.
Now back to sports. It is sad that we care who the World Champions are. First the olympics and soccer are the only worldwide collective. Second, these teams are a bunch of free agents that care nothing for their teammates or their fans. Probably to be traded in the off season. Or of course the Lebron episode. This is what competition creates. Dumbasses who think they should get 20 million a year for playing. Not being a role model. Not giving back to the world. Not even being nice.
Competition is just another form of making money in most terms. On the lowest level where the pride factor is built. In the sports leagues across the country. Congrats on being the city's best church softball team. Yea. We will remember that forever.....right.

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