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Death on the Checkerboard

Death on the Checkerboard
This is a new conspiracy I have stumbled onto something that it seems does not exist in Google. Or at least not enough people have asked yet. It all started with a web page I landed on about a MJ conspiracy. It was stating how his Blood on the Dance floor album was foretelling his death. I just googled it and found a page somewhat close to the rambling...
But it got into the idea of sacrificing life on a checkerboard floor. So the next thing I start retaining, in my short term memory facility, is movies with death scenes on checkerboard floors. A good one being Terminator 2, where Robert Patrick comes out of the floor checkered and then kills the guard. But I have seen dozens. I'm trying to compile a list and I can't find one anywhere. From there I started seeing checkered floors in all my favorite cartoons like American Dad, Family Guy, Simpsons and many more. Being an artist. their is nothing harder to draw correctly and it seems to be overkill for most of the shots they use it in. The idea of having to crop and zoom in for animated shots with different angles going everywhere is ridiculous.
Of course my girlfriend thought I was an idiot. So I start thinking of every reason to have that specific floor in a scene. To symbolize a kitchen, a restaurant, a school, a state & government building, rich or royalty dwellings. Well the last are mostly Freemasons, the buildings are built by the Mason. I'm still researching the connection with food and taxis. The Cartoon Network has always used the checkers and the owls as their logos. Which is really crazy. Especially more recently, when they are purposely flaunting Illuminati skits with the owls in their buffers.
I am convinced that these incidents of this floor pattern being featured in death scenes is a tribute to the masons. Along with these cartoons putting it in. I'm on it. Will report more soon.

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