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The Bottom Line (of our history...past & present and future)

I spent the last five years submersing myself into a world that was far beyond not only my comprehension, but my fascination and wildest dreams. This world started with a curiosity and youtube and has ended with myself typing away on yet my third draft to this story. As I dug deeper into my new obsession. I realized just like all worlds. It was filled with some truths. Lots of deception. Many lies and bundles of profit to be made by the crooks. I started to investigate my sources, being the writers and creators of this world. I saw a pattern of multiple books and dozens of lectures with lots of ways to buy stuff from their websites. This confused me in the way that, scientists release info for the good of the society, for free.....but not always I have learned. Many variables can go into the release of important info, but anyway.
I pulled out my machete and began to slice through the tall jungles of vines and weeds. Maliciously cutting away the propagandists, the disinformationist, the idiots, the fakes and the "Look At What I Can Do. I Need Attention" generation. I wanted to write a book that went through chapters of questions, speculations, answers and solutions to the mysteries, many of us dwell upon and spend way too much time creating videos and books about.
As my book got into the 11th chapter. My complete ideals changed instantly when I came to the conclusion of our existence......
I understood it was meaningless to continue pointing out similarities and others work that can already line a library's shelves.
The bottom line is we are doomed. As a planet and a society, our time may be limited to my lifetime. Our system is a monster that always needs to feed and grow. This being my utter complete setback for years. Why do we need to grow? Why can't we be happy with what we have?
Why...because our system is based on growth. Our economy and money are based on debt. We have to grow to keep creating debt to keep growth growing. On the other end of the spectrum. All of the growth is destroying us systematically in many ways just to feed the economy Frankenstein.
We are locked into this system until we collapse. So if collapse is inevitable. Then is it logical the creators planned for a control collapse. You setup the economy, take advantage of it, then shut it down when you are ready. Simple....if you are at the top of that pyramid.
Trust me when I say there is a pyramid here and many other places in the world. This angled scheme is the root of all and every problem before us and behind. It is time to throw out the term 'Conspiracy'. For we have learned it is and was all true. What might start as a behind locked door conspiracy. Later becomes confessions in liner notes for bibliographies.
"The Truth is Out There" was just as much programming as the rest of our tv dinner menu. Why does the bad guy confess everything in the end of the movie to the hero? What good was the crime if no one knows? We as a society has been duped for a long time. Many of these dupers like to throw it in our face and brag. Just like an intelligent artists hides his signature. They want the world to know after the fact...Never before. Making the game very illusive to keep up with. It is a game and now I understand why it is a chess game. The floor is checkered and we are all pawns in the front row. Forced to move to our logically planned demise. Only a few make it to the other side. "They Don't Care About Us" We are there to make money off of until they can kill us off. So let's spend a moment on this demise.

The first and biggest downfall to our world was and will always be, The Banker not religion. From an honest beginning to an evil end. They took advantage of others money and used it to create a bubble of fake money to enslave, blackmail and cheat the world. From the smallest man to the greatest king. Country by country like Star Trek's Borg, they assimilated every kingdom including the great God Blessed America. Just in our country, after decades of persuading politicians to help them create a central bank with no success. The bankers went into business with each other. Teaming up and creating a plan called the Federal Reserve. This put an end to the idea of competition and a competitive market. It was now better to create a cartel. Where everyone involved gets a cut. The death of Lincoln and Kennedy can easily be seen as lucky insane nuts with a solo agenda, being both were gun for by many people, organization. One fact to look at is both tried to revert to backed money with no help of the international bankers.
The two greatest business men ever had this philosophy. J.P. Rockefeller and Mayer Amschel Rothschild. They wanted monopolies. If they couldn't get them. They settled for a cut until they figured a way to steal it all. Now this is, was and will always be the American Way. Don't get me wrong. I understand the land of opportunity. You take or get taken. Understandable. But we got taken. All of us the world over. One discovered oil and sold it to the world. He was financed by the other who mastered the banking system. Now, there is no known public record of the wealth of either family, but combined, it is anywhere from 50% to over 90% of the worlds wealth. This means everything you buy is made by them or the people that make it, pay them. If you have bank loans and fees. This means you pay the family numerous times a day.
Now in this land of the free and home of the brave. I do not condone nor support, occupying a park for weeks in protest because people make more money than I do. Demanding a redistribution of the wealth. On the other hand. This family could feed, clothe and take care of every family in the world, not only with their wealth, but if they shut down the system. Repaid the world in compensation for their crimes and sins against humanity.
Now there needs to be some clarification first. They would never compensate us for one. We would have to rebuild from scratch. If we shut down the system, the world ends. Not literary, but our financial institution ends. This means no money the whole way down the Reganomics trickle. No gold to create a new system. No money to workers. No money for supplies. No money for governments, food and what nots... I mean EVERYTHING!
We would create Armageddon on our own within months. Civil unrest, etc...yadda, yadda yadda and so forth.
The Rothschild money trickle has to continue forever or we are through. When they close the teller window that's it. System collapse. Today is 11-11-11. The US just went through a recession and a bailout. The new EU is almost bankrupt. Greece is going to be saved by China.
Basically not much of the world is left that isn't on the final collapse. The amount of money that has been funneled and stolen from the economy is absolutely unforgiving. The housing market alone capped billions in their pockets. Then they received an 800 billion bailout. Many thefts that lead back like. Sept 10th, 2001 Donald Rumsfeld had a press conference stating the misplacement of 800 billion dollars. Not to mention, awe let's do, the 800 billion on palettes sent over for rebuilding purposes, humanity bullshit that was lost in Iraq. The Funnel Trickler.
Now here is where the story splits. There is no doubt the Rothschild family owns the world in every way. Every resource, every commodity all the way up to diamonds, gold, money and banks. So wealth is their main concern. If they have all the wealth, why does the continuous scam of theft continue....
This has to be narrowed down to 3 reasons.
One, the absolute worst case every of greediness.
Two, the absolute control over the world.
Three, the absolute control over our destiny.
I am beginning to think all three are true.
The family has been attacked since their rise for being rich, jewish, tyrants, masterminding the history of our 19th & 20th century wars and the allege creation and support of the New World Order. I am beginning to see all of these are true also.
When Adam Weisup developed the theory and ideology of the Illumanti it was a true dictatorship with us, being every one else suffering from enslaved supressment. Mayer Rothschild embraced these fundamentals and funded Weisup to implement the ways. History shows the Bavarian government condemned and expelled the sector, but no where does it say the stopped. It only says they disappeared.
As I just stated, Rothschild gets what he wants and with his funding the game plan is limitless. Their family has been the backbone of this movement from the beginning. So this means they do want total control of the world. This totally contradicts a quote from the man when he said, "Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes her laws."
Oh, but he did. Laws control the way his businesses run.
Laws can control what the populous wants, needs and will be allowed.
Laws can be made to make more money, control and power for him.
So to control the world would mean control of everyone's money and everyone working for him. Of course no person agrees to be enslaved. This would mean programming on every level to ensure the easy transition to an ant. So that means the news, media, education and philosophy of life would need be doctrine with the program.
This is where I get confused again. What has the program been so far? Go into debt. Lie to protect yourself. Hate your family. Make illegitimate offspring. Spy on your neighbors. Have sex with everyone and everything. Drink lots of beer. Eat unhealthy. Keep buying. Question religion. Wait, why would one of the founding members of Israel want the world to question religion? Is it because they hate the world and gentiles? Or do they hate religion itself and worship a different idea?
My journey took me far down the stone spiral case to the dungeons of Lucifarian reality on this matter. From the Freemasons to the Illumanti they have a problem with what god they worship. The light bearer being Lucifer and the Sun God who gives the light. Wait don't forget they are also fond of the mother of the Sun God Isis. And at the top of the spectrum is Saturn. All worship throughout history seems to have been prone to sun & saturn worship. Even now both are splatter into every practicing religion. The Satanic thing started to throw me. I have spent my entire life convincing myself their is no God. Then the fractions of society tell me there's a universal energy that we are all apart of. Finally every nut case to credible resource is trying to convince me the devil runs amuck and controls the world.
This once again sends me into a circle of uncertainty in my own mind until I started to watch entertainers and the projects being produced. Back in my childhood it was easy to know the satanists. They wore black, had pentagrams and said they worshipped the devil. Now it is the slightest hand gesture and the ones that flash them stay at the top of the awards shows every year. Their songs go number one and their movies break records.
Now when you go back to the beginning of Hollywood and Nashville you can follow the crossroads right back to Harry Potter and Rock-a-fella Records. The embodiment of the whole of all the media. Promoting the dark arts. It got to the point where BMG owned all the music and Viacom own all tv and movies, but now Sony is or will have it all. They just acquired BMG. Welcome Li family.
With this demonic programming. Plus the new religions and movements that have came to be in the 20th century. They have thrown complete doubt on ideal religious views. When you add the horrors of our current world you can only wonder the absence of God. Now when you look at the current situation of our world yes the political, economical and entertainment industry can be traced back to the Rothschild game plan. What about the natural disasters we are experiencing? Can that go back to them? Many people believe the use of HAARP on certain areas in certain ways, changes our weather. Weather control has been admitted, used and patented. Does it have enough power to continuously disturb everywhere in the world? Or did one to a few usages created an imbalance in the earth's ecosystem that is causing reoccurring disasters worldwide? Or is there another almost unknown factor that certain people in the world have been planning for?
I said the number three reason for this financial situation we have experienced was for the control of our destiny. For the last five years we have been in a propaganda campaign about the 12-21-2012 date. Everything from mass destruction, to pole shifts, to the extinction of civilization, by what continues to come up to be Nibiru. The crossing planet. Unlike the rest of the proven conspiracies on this planet. This off planet one is hard to nail down. Almost all reference material comes from Dr. Zecharia Sitchin and the disinformation train keeps rolling through the good Doc's bio. At this moment I am a month and a year away from anyway to confirm what will happen then, but let's look at what has happen already.
The term DUMB exists now. Deep Underground Military Bases and non military bases have been constructed in the hundreds throughout the world and the US. An international Seedbank was created in Norway to store every know plant's seed. FEMA has cornered the market on MRI meals and survival supplies purchasing in the last year. They have also been giving the legislation to control the world at the time of disaster. Supplies and military equipment are being rerouted, transferred and stored near major metropolitans. Storage yards of 1000s of disposal coffins have been filled throughout the country.
4 comets have come close to the Earth with 1 entering the area between the moon and the earth. No warnings were given. Civil arrest tactics are being trained to all law enforcement and military forces. The laws of our citizenship are being stripped away faster and faster.
Something seems to be in the works. Is it the inevitable planned economic collapse or is it a threat to our existence from outer space. Now this incredible, ingenious plan of the NWO started in the very late 1700s. Of course the root of dictatorship goes back to the beginning of time. It is proposed that the Illumanti infiltrated all establishments, governments, religions and organizations. The most famous and largest infiltration was alledgly the Freemasons. Throughout history there is said to exist a secret knowledge of life. One part of it is mathematics. The other part is spiritual. Set aside the countries of India and China that hide their colorful history secret. The ancient secret knowledge was found by the Templer Knights who vanished in Scotland where the Freemason Scottish Rite came to be. In essence this would give Rothschild and his hood wearing hoakies a new philosophy in life besides dominating the world.
History seems to have excluded many civilizations far older than our taught history. Logic is dictating they were as advance as us or even far superior. Many stories exist from Stargates unearthed in Iraq to secret tablets and tombs in both Iraq and Egypt that hid the secrets until they were confiscated and labeled super top secret. Whatever the story be. All the proof exists to say we have a different history that has been edited for our viewing. If this is malicious for the rights to technology and knowledge. Then again we are simply back on that greed thing. But if it was for our own good. How can we really deny it?
Whenever it was, that the powers that be, discovered an ELE. Someone had to make a decision after starting the countdown clock. Whether to tell the world and create panic, despair and depression, or to conceal the truth. So why not, let the world live in their bubble. Argue and fight over things that are petty while the powers that be setup for the survival of our species and lifestyle. There's one little problem there. Myself and you have a great chance of not being counted on that list of people to get a plush life underground while the world endures genocide.
One of the biggest questions presented in life from general talk to movies is the "do you want to know when you die?" We toss the idea around before always saying no. What if you were told a serious doom was coming and chances look bad, but if you prepare you can save yourself. Then everyone would spend their money preparing to save the family instead of buying stuff and paying the other family the Rothschilds.....among other rich people of course.


This leads me back to what I first said. We are doom and there is no way out of it. Barefoot and in the closet you can say. If we heade the warnings being yelled at us. Then we are just like them, paranoid extremists. There to be the pun of jokes and the object of the pointed finger. If we continue to live our life in the current way. We are agreeing to be a slave to the monster and ensure that you will always help feed it. There is no protesting it. There is no shutting it down. It will shut down when it's ready. Just when is that? Even at the height of the World Wars or even as far back as the black plague. Has our world seen this much evil? Never. Has an agenda came to be known and played out in the 20th century? Yes. It is the New World Order.
Now is the NWO preparing for the survival of our existence or are they preparing the world for the anti-christ and Satan?
Back again to yet another fork in our road. Are the DUMBs for the out of world threat or the next world war?
One of the creators of this game plan was Albert Pike. He envisioned both World Wars as a tool in world domination. He planned for a third and final war to take us into the final stage. Haven't we been programmed all our life to ask when WW3 is coming? Every day on tv we are bombarded with video games about WW3 in between news clips of WW3 scenarios with the Middle East, China and Russia.
This brings me to my final point. If the devil exists; then God has to exist.
Being that we've been programmed with the Yin Yang story all our lives too. The world is filled with evil. Rituals happen on specific days for maximum effect. Cities are built to harness the energy of the people and ours are always bad. The world is constantly cohered to fight each other. As the military industrial complex rakes in the billions.
The devil was in charge of music in heaven. Meaning, it was easy to create chords of controlling sound. As concert attendances grow and the MTV awards get freakier every year. It only makes sense we are being programmed for sin. Creating evil energy that is harnessed somehow.
Why do many people refer to earth as hell; hence Hell On Earth. Do we really have to go through hell to get to heaven? If there is a God in this 'God Forsaken World' why doesn't he retaliate? He has been served.
Logically there are three reasons to put this to. The first, God doesn't exist. Evil is man's inheritance and creation. When we die, that's it. Rot away for maggots to feast on the births.
The second being, this life means nothing. The Kingdom Of Heaven is reached in the afterlife. The good will be rewarded and the sinners will return possibly to keep being tormented through reincarnation.
The third is, the God that exists, is not in our image and is an energy we will soon be absorbed by when our existence is snuffed out.

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