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2-6-12 Booking Record
Today had to be my best booking day ever. Another reason why you get friendly with bartenders. A very great female bartender that has been at 3 places I have worked has been at a Mexican Restaurant for a while. She got me in last year and it didn't work out instantly with the management. Their fault of course. So the minute the new owners/managers start. She hooks me right back up. I did a cash karaoke contest last month there. It was actually my first major karaoke show and only my 3rd karaoke show. It went perfect like it should and the owners were very happy.
So I met with them today and instantly my phone rings with a referral for a sweet 16 party. Now I'm at 1 booking. Let's start. They offer me a cash karaoke contest once a month on the 3rd sat. Then they turn around and offer me a kids karaoke on sundays for 2 hrs. That's 7 planned gigs there. Next they offer me a trivia night on Wednesdays so we book 3 weeks to see how it goes. Ok that's 11 bookings now. So then we negotiate Cinco De Mayo, a private party and another sat night a month for regular karaoke. That's 16 dates when I walk out the door.
Now I'm still waiting on a tentative schedule from another client Jordan Springs. Last year I did 64 weddings and events with them. They don't have it ready but I get 2 dates verified. After getting back to the computer. I have another wedding booking email me. Which is a cute story from my perspective. She said it was at the Purple Iris. Which is an event center in Martinsburg, WV. Thinking she might work there. I type her name into Facebook. Her page pops up and her picture is her finace hold a sing saying, She Said Yes! How cute. Anyway in the mail I got a signed contract back for a friends wedding. To tally up 20 bookings in one day. I have to put that on record!
The rest of Feb will be very busy. We have a Valentine's Dance, 3 kids karaoke, 3 trivia nights, 4 nights of dance instruction, another night out at 147 North. A cash party, An Italian Carevale and a dj collegue and friend's daughter's wedding. Not a bad Leap Year Feb.

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