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Being Interviewed

Being Interviewed
I got busted the other day listening to Howard Stern by my girlfriend. She HATES him with all passion. We both go back with Howard to Washington D.C. I have followed his whole career. I don't care for everything and I'm not an avid listener anymore. My commuting days are over. But thanks to youtube I can catch up with some good interviews. I've got to see the whole Artie bottoming out and I have caught up on some great interviews. This is what my girlfriend doesn't understand. He is a great interviewer and actually after sitting down and thinking about it. I would prefer his interview to most out their. My first interviews I saw conducted were Dick Cavett, Tom Snyder & Johnny Carson. Then it became Letterman and the trash of Morten Downey Jr.
Today's bunch of mouths and recent times have been horrible. I wouldn't watch Joe Buck to save my life if Artie wasn't on it calling him a douche. I tried to watch Piers Morgan and that was programmed trash. Thank God the few I have watch. His ass has been handed to him by someone. Still somehow he manages to slip gun control propaganda in there. Bob O'Riely should be strangled alone for being a dickhead to everyone. The list goes on Larry King, Charles Groeden, Brian Gumble, Barbara Walters, Oprah, mainstream news people. Really, you could fill a page with these people. I would rather sit and stair at the wall. John Stewart is by far the only good interviewer on tv. He is honest, really cares for what I can tell and uses the parody excuse to really blast mainstream news and say some things we need to hear.
With Stern, you get a good hour of unedited, unscripted, adult content. I'm not listening and watching Porn Stars do dumb tricks and talk about porn. I'm listening to actors like Steve Carell, and Corbett where it's hard to see an interview anywhere with them out of character and talking about real stuff.
In our hometown we had Cabletalk with Barry Lee. I taped an episode. It wasn't even live and I was scared shitless with my mind blanking on every question. I have come along way in Interviews. More recently I became the interviewer with my BlueFoxLive show on the Bone. Each show I was interviewing an artist or band for up to an hour. Just to cut out 8-14 minutes for the show. I learned alot on both sides of the mic.
With interviews, the first thing is you need to be interested in the person or the incident they were involved in. Most of the tv scripted talks are boring with no depth. Howard brings something to the plate. You might get assaulted in some way and insulted, but he delivers an interview no one else can. But it is on living the life of fame. That is the limit of his persona. If John Stewart had an hour to pick the brain of the caliber of guests he has. It would be the most informational show ever.
I like to be educated and hear smart people talk. Realistically I will watch any interview I am interested in. I just didn't like getting blasted by my girlfriend for listening to a show she assumes is strippers grinding something that is vibrating. I have heard some informant interviews with Stern and it's mostly people I like that don't do other interviews. Like the Jack Ass guys and rock stars. In that studio, they get to be very free with their stories and their words.

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