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WPD Rampage

2-8-12 WPD Rampage
I really hate to criticize our local PD and I actually retired myself for the good of my life. Many years ago I used to write editorials and letters to the editors about the "Revenue Makers". It came to the point were I was harassed and targeted. Police do not like to be ridiculed. But come on seriously, Protect and Serve always takes a back seat to busting and bringing in money. Recently in the paper there have been a rash of jumpings and the public started blaming the cops. Instantly instead of going after profiled people. They began to wage a war on the citizens of Winchester.
In the last month, 3 people have told me they were charged with Drunk In Publics. Not for walking, but for being asked to get out of a car. Then charged. My girlfriend's daughter was pulled over 6 times for a headlight out in a Lincoln Avaitor. First off it took 3 weeks to get it and another month to get it in. Now it has blown again in less than 6 months. Was it worth $300. Of course not. So last night. My girlfriend's sister gets pulled over for the outed light. 4 cop cars for a mother, 2 kids and a dog.
I am watching it all over the city. They even pulled my 80 year old dad over in his driveway because he truck cab brake light didn't work. Come on seriously? Being A DJ, I work til closing at many bars. Every Tue. They park on the highway/biway and wait for you to leave the bar and follow you. Last night I went by some poor schmuck with 4 cops on him at 2 in the morning. I have been very lucky not to be a victim. I feel like a Zebra running from the lions. Hoping they take down the slower one beside me.
I mean I do not "ride dirty" or drive intoxicated. I keep my vehicle and license legal. Plus they have scared me down to driving like a pansy. But seriously, 2 beers is the limit now. So I guess put every bar out of business by drinking 1 beer an hour. No liquor of course. Then piss every cop off when you friend gets a DUI by sleeping in the car.
I understand this new world like others don't. A police state has always been coming. These guys are unstable as it is and they are now being trained by tactical forces for crowd control and other inhumane ways of dealing with our unrest. They are the enforcers and scapegoat for the powers that be. I couldn't imagine, nor would I want to, what it's like to be a cop. That's why I'm who I am. I've even learned to be polite to them, but they have no since of humor. They are only mean, always think you're a criminal and there is no talking to them. So I'll leave you alone if you leave us alone. PLEASE. You are really not above the law. if you are bad it comes back on. Some one will rat you out or you will piss the wrong person off. Anyway around it be nicer, more lenient and smile for heavens sake!

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