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When Is It Too Old?

2-3-12 When is Too Old?
I grew up loving Fast Times at Ridgemont High. I was 11 years old when my best friend and me were actually let in the theater to see it with parental consent! It set the standard for my life basically. From there it was Porkeys, Ricky Business, etc. I have always loved raunchy comedies. Of course now they have crossed a plain never seen before. 80s movies were like the colonialists staring at the Appalacian Mountains with no idea what was over them. Now thanks to Judd Apatow, Kevin Smith and the new kids that grew up like me. There is no boundaries in their stories. Things like DTF & AToM barely amaze to phase now.
The other day I was watching American Pie with my girlfriend who's humor is no where near mine. of course. I realized I was watching minors (of age actors, portraying minors.) engage in masterbation, sex, drugs and everything else. Watching the facial expressions of my girlfriend and hearing her retorts. I felt like 60 year old married man watching Rock Of Ages with my wife. Basically embarrassed to watch anymore. So then I started thinking. When is it actually considered inappropriate for adults to watch teenage movies that press upon these situations? Of course they are R rated or NC 17 movies. But being an Adult. It is comparable to watching child porn? For the first time in my life this question hit me. Am I too old to watch teenage antics? I know my taste of humor has change from the Murphy/Pryor era to the Bill Maher/Bill Hicks. I have grown up. So should I move up to the 30 something movies now.
I think just like American Pie did, by advertising to a 'way too young' generation. These new movies do the same to the older generation. I wanted to go see Superbad. The previews were set for my age group. But again it was teenagers and sex. Now Jonna Hill was like 25 portraying a 17 year old. Still I put forth the notion now since I have matured and know Hollywood and the music industry is evil only trying to corrupt.....When are you too old to legally enjoy an adolescent comedy.

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