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I Hate Ft Loudoun!

1-29-12 I hate Ft. Loudoun!
Repetition seems to have set in and it feels I am stuck in the same routine. I don't think that is what bothers me. I love to stay at home and relax. The problem is my home is an apartment. With two separate apartments above and one below. All making audible noise that really gets to me. Then we have two dogs. One is elderly and his nails make noise where ever he walks. Sometimes it's like a chalkboard torture method. My next stress is the high occupancy area we live in. From my porch I can see over 50 dwellings within a two building radius. Most are halfway houses and have a high rate of police visits. Our building has 15 units all access able from our main parking lot. There are over 12 dogs and at least 10 bad owners, because the property is covered with dog crap. My Jeep was tampered with the other night. Georgia's daughter Shannon had her card window smashed in our parking lot last month. I grew up in this neighborhood, but it is a different world now. I wish this living on no one.

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