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Okay I have said some things in the social media over this issue. Our country has been living this incident daily for over 5 months. Outside the country, it is headlines. Of all the cases of cops killing and abusing their authority. This was by far the worst example to use. This thug is the worst logo for the campaign to change police. Pharrell the artist made a statement like this and took the hit in the news. Why? All the way around on all questions.
I have never been a fan of police unless they are in the movies. All my life they have been related to my worst memories. Of course some cases I was doing things I shouldn't and they were doing their job. But each run in was all different. Only a few, I'm happy they officer was so nice. In some cases. I was assulted, treated inhumane and done wrong by over agressive police.
This is an issue that needs to be in everyone's face, but this was the wrong case. Ruby Ridge is the greatest case to use as an example. Except I haven't hear it mentioned in over 15 years. We need to change the way police are. They are a different breed of human. I thought MOST police's training incorporated a higher level of negoitating tactics. Now I'm even wondering how much physical training and defense they go through when they are so quick to draw and shoot. I have seen bouncers handed the same situations as cops without guns. I have seen martial arts trained individuals use their skils without having to shoot 3 shots to the head and chest.
I feel MOST of our police are under trained in all aspects of their job with the exception of offensive driving and target practice. We need police equipped with the skill to rationize and diffuse a situation with his hands and voice only. An officer should always have a gun on him, but maybe the taser is what he should be grabbing first.
Another problem with this case was the officer was on his own. There should always be two officers. That is instant backup and helps to instantly diffuse the problem. My suggestion is all officers are wired with cameras that are a live interacive feed to the cheif of police and dispatch. This cuts down on many factors. The time it takes to send backup and another set of eyes and brain to make an intelligent suggestion for the on-site cops. Further we add an oversite to police the police. Wait I'm getting mad. Have to stop for a moment.

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