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Just A Few Things You Should Know.

Whether you are thinking of starting a business or have been running one for years.
You need a designer that knows advertising and printing.
After the home computer revolution. Many thought they could do it theirselves.
Creating their own ads, coupons, cards, etc. But they always lacked the cutting edge look. Sometimes looking more unprofessional than competitors. Many learned as they went, but decided someone else could do it better.
Unfortunately....that revolution shut down the ad agencies, design houses and small printers.
Now we are left with a college student at Staples to help us.

Don't worry. Fleming Design is here to help. Twenty-five years in production and a life time of education in art.
Graduating college at the beginning of the digital era allowed me to master the old world and the new world in printing.

Some of the smallest jobs are the biggest. Logos, Business Cards, Flyers & Mailers.
Some of the biggest jobs can be simple. Commercials, Videos, Brochures & Booklets.

No job is out of our way. Our vast networking allows us to find the most cost efficient way to get it printed, painted or produced. Our in-house studio is capable of creating anything you can dream up.

We end up being the best cost all around.
From creation, design, printing, shipping, delivering.
Your idea becomes reality with us....at an affordable cost.

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