In 2008, Bryan Fleming will be of legal age and qualification to run for President of the United States. If you like what you read below. Please sign the register so I can acquire the necessary amount of names to be eligible to campaign.

I am not a Democrat. Nor am I a Republican. I am Agnostic from Political Parties! I am just a poor, early thirties CITIZEN who is fed up with the country I can't afford, have to live in and now cannot leave for fear of international hatred for Americans.

1. Disbar all political parties. For this is the major reason nothing gets done and corruption sets in. Too much time is wasted campaigning for party colleagues and trying to align Congress with their political views and interests. Did you know George W. Bush wasted over $250 million flying around the country campaigning for other Republicans? He will probably waste another $250 to $500 million campaigning for his own reelection. We need to come together as a whole. The candidates, like myself and other independents, cannot even compete with Republican/Democrat candidates for various reasons. These party candidates raise millions of dollars for their campaigns when this money alone (from special interest groups, corporations & the wealthy) could balance out infractions in our budget or put it to something like Homeland Security who never got a budget to begin with.

Email me your thoughts and ideas to reform our government & monopolized party system.

2. Abolish the House of Representatives and the Senate. The amount of money and funding it takes to run our current form of government, will wipe out our debt instantly. Our representative Democracy was created for two reasons...

1 To keep the power in the hands of the rich.

2 Our fore fathers had no conception of telecommunication.

We can now simulcast a signal to every tv, radio, computer and airwaves at the same time. We can talk to people in China and space in real time. We no longer need someone to speak for us. How can a bought politician represent over 5 million people. Put 5 people in a room together and see if they can agree on anything.

3. Create a new voting system. Right now, Bush appointed backers are working on a new voting system that is costing BILLIONS of dollars and has already been proven to be fixed and corrupt. A few years ago, thanks to Michael Moore, a Ficus and a few other Ficus ran in districts that had unopposed candidates. These votes were thrown out and not even counted. This is how bad our voting system is. Not to mention the RECALL factor that will start hitting the country and the 8-12 different ways to vote, already in place, that do not work.

So we can use our credit cards for secure purchases on the web. We can be polled on every site for our opinions. We use hit counts to show how impressive our domains are and to sell advertising, but we can't use our greatest invention for voting?

Every CITIZEN will get their own interactive computer that will allow them to vote on all issues daily on our newly created government branch, the Voting Network. Ran and protected, by the top hackers in the country, who know how to keep "The Man" in check, now have an active role rebuilding a government for them and not against them. Every state governor will become the voice of the state. He will continue to be an elected official who handles meeting and reporting to the United States Administration. (What would replace the houses and the presidential administration) He and his administration would handle and coordinate each states voting program. Each bill will be passed individually. Not hidden in the mist of a "package" containing multiple good, bad and worthless bills. Each bill will require 7/8ths or even 15/16ths of the citizen's votes to become a law. For every job lost in the private sector. Ten are created in the government sector. Our government has always been the biggest growing business in the US. We have lost the opportunity to vote. Our only vote is for people (Who we don't like or trust) to be elected. We need to be able to bring forth legislation on our own. We should be able to decide the fate of our own existence and money.

4. Abolish the IRS. We will abolish the IRS and create a luxury tax to replace the system. You will be taxed on the luxury items you buy and not by the unfair ways currently used.

Every CITIZEN will get $25,000 to restart their life.

This is not from a tax cut or a raise in taxes. This comes from a trust fund paid for by every Fortune 500 company. These are the people who influence bad voting, rip off customers with bad, faulty & sometimes hazardous products, fire and lay off their employees, export jobs to save money and pollute our lives and environment. Not to mention, repeatedly lie to us and use creative advertising to hook us. Almost 70% of these corporations have been convicted and charged with crimes. They make so much money. Their CEOs can embezzle hundreds of millions of dollars. These corporations will also bear the burden of upgrading and revitalizing their services for the good of the population and environment. Many fires, accidents & power problems come from above ground, old and faulty connections. All telecommunication companies need to be upgraded to the most advance materials being used. Their products must be universally compatible and conglomerates must package their technology in fully accessible and virtually free solutions. Companies will pay their employee's on a pay scale based on gross income. If it wasn't for the employees. The businesses couldn't run or make their money.

See examples to support this. Email me your stories of being ripped off by corporate America.

We as a whole will rewrite and fix what has been the problems. All revenue making laws that drain the average citizen of funds and may incur unnecessary credit reporting or suspension of driver's license, will be overturned or decriminalized. Including the drug trade. Money will be spent on rehabilitation and education instead of enforcement and prosecution. The decriminalization alone will drop the crime rate over 80% and virtually destroy law enforcement corruption overnight. With no drug dealing, our corners will be clean. With no overpriced addictions and withdrawals, the robbery, burglary and murder rate will drop. The money spent on drugs will go to education and free healthcare. Then we can rehabilitate our addicts and teach kids how stupid these people are for doing drugs.

There are so many things wrong and being abused in our country, no one can fix them all by themselves. I will be the first to say. There are alot of things I am clueless to. But I won't lie or not address what I don't know. Instead of hiring or appointing people with hidden agendas to do the leg work, studies and testing. We will work together to find solutions to problems.

Email me laws you feel exist only for revenue making.

Every CITIZEN will be able to express their problems individually and we can work at fixing the things that need to be fix now that are ALWAYS overlooked on purpose.

I am going to rebuild America. I am not going to clean up the Middle East or worry about foreign policy. Focus on the things that bring us down. Give our country a balance of industrial and service. Keep jobs in America and funding in our hands. We will pull out our bases in all foreign lands (137 countries). Fortifying our own country with maximum protection and minimizing the chance for outside threat to our military and citizens.

We will close our borders and fortify them. Destroying any chance for new terrorist and plagues to enter the country. Every leaving and returning CITIZEN will go through a sterilization process that is harmless and quick but necessary to control the ever growing international epidemics.

We will comb through our lands and remove all illegal aliens. The ones that are willing to learn English, go through a citizenship program and become a working, non-threat to society, will have the chance to stay. All others that our eating up our welfare, healthcare and Medicaid along with loitering, filling up our court systems and lowering property values, will be exiled. This includes terrorist cells.

Any company that subs work or jobs outside the country when their is another company or individual in America that can do it, will be fined 1 million dollars per incident. Any company that cuts cost to defraud the customer or cheapen the product will be fined 1 million dollars per incident. Any corporation that lays off employees to save upper management positions will be criminally charged and held for their actions. There will be a salary cap on all CEOs and Upper Management. This includes overpriced bonuses and retirement plans. We need to return the balance of full time employees with benefits and stock options. Uncaring employees become disgruntle employees and have become a part of the corporate downfall and a major reason you get bad service where ever you shop.

It is time to make our streets pretty again. To give us a reason not to litter and care about our communities. To give us the chance to have a savings account and not live from check to check. We go through life now with so many personal problems, hating our employers and not caring about the service we give our jobs or the people that depend on it. We need to be released from the anxiety of taxes and bogus rules that increase interest rates, fine and penalize us. We need to fix the overpriced cost of living. Where rents are Sky High and utilities are so expensive they are routinely unable to pay, get shut off and tagged on your credit reported.

It is time to get more than 30% of your income.

It is time to rewrite and adapt our antique form of corrupted government and replace it with a Version 2 update. To get rid of the silverspoon breaded politicians that use government for personal gain and income. It is time to reach out to people that know how to fix problems and not the same people that bounce around from job to job, administration to administration.

Every facet of our society is screwed up and corrupted. Law enforcement, the Judicial System, the Financial Community, even our baby sitters and the work crew repainting your house. We need to change our attitude and philosophy of living and working. Rebuild our levels from the ground up.

Did you know the average meal at the White House costs over $10,000 dollars. Think about that the next time you are eating Romin Noodles for your dinner or get mad because you wasted $100 on dinning out.

Vote for a person who will stand up for YOU. I already risk persecution and blackballing for posting such radical political views. Japan's government is about to pass laws to keep ideas like this from ever being heard and destroy all political opposition. Just like Sadam and the Bath party did....Just like Hitler and the Nazi party did. Our current administration has already passed laws (you probably don't even know or heard yet.) That limit our freedom and protection for the good of national security. This administration is overturning everything the Clinton administration did for the good of common people. They are creating a police state of our country and now cutting the police themselves. For the last two years they have created an atmosphere in our country, that this page would be considered unpatriotic and borderline treason.

I am a person who can't take it anymore. I haven't seen a candidate yet worth putting in office. Our fore fathers would have moved to France if they were alive now. I am ready to give up the life I know of for you....America. Most people don't care about politics and that is why it has gotten out of hand. We all have a voice we express in our mind or car while driving to work. It is time to voice it in a format it will be heard. If more than half of our country and every group throughout the worlds expresses no war in Iraq, then it shouldn't happen.

When every person has a meaningful vote and say in what happens, it's like having stock in a company. We have the greatest company in the world...It's called America. It has the best products and way of life in the world. It is admired and desired internationally. Unfortunately, just like all other corporations, our CEOs have gotten out of hand and sloppy. It's time to restructure our company, upgrade our technology and promote that loyal line worker that has never called in sick and knows, from watching and working for so long, how the whole company works. He is the untarnished employee....the distinguished gentleman....who hates and has seen, how the corruption has lead to low morale and bad production. He's the new generation. The one who will pick up the phone and find the best advice instead of relying on old-paid-for solutions that never change.

Thank You for reading my platform. If anything, it gave you a laugh and a thought that you might take with you. This is my platform that I believe in. Our world is ran by greed and power (for now known as the Bush Factor). You cannot advance society to the next level when money is a factor. Technology is for the good of man and it's the common man that lives here in laws created by the people that are chauffeured and live an "out of the box" life. I am willing to give my life up for this philosophy. I have ran an entertainment business for almost ten years. Not because I am trying to make money. Because it is what I do good and a way to make a living that is legal and makes me happy. My creed is Art for the Sake of Art. I give far more away then I make for the sake of everyone's advancement that works with me or supports what I am trying to accomplish. If you think I could make a difference, please sign my register. It would be an honor to change your life to your specifications.

If you know of a law that is unjust and needs to change. Please email me the law so we can start building our book.

Please sign our register. If you agree things need to change and you are willing to be a part of change. Sign Register

NEWSFLASH: Due to our religious and 'Rockefeller' upbringing. There are things going on in our world that are hard to comprehend or accept. The honest truth is, a group of the richest people in the world make all the decision and control the Military Industrial Complex. There job is to create and institute genoside on the world. But they like to make money on you from birth to death! President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned us of the "Complex". General Douglas MacArthur warned us our next threat was from outer space. The Disclosure Project was on CSPAN and has over 400 credible people coming out about the UFO coverup. Unedited NASA tapes have captured the truth. And the truth is "They" have lied to us from the beginning. Our human history is far more vast than the Rockefeller created public education curriculum. We have the cures to all diseases. We have FREE ENERGY for everyone. We have engines that run on water. Crafts that fly faster than the speed of light. We have technologies being concealed from us because of military use.

These same 'people' have taken our rights away. Instituted a pre martial law society. Created terrorist acts, threats and international wars. They have an agenda to take over the world and make us all slaves. They are destroying the earth environmentally, socially and politically on porpose because the have hundreds of underground bases and cities to flee to when the fit hits the shan!

Your America is about to disappear. So sporting the wartime "Old Glory" at your house or on your car is not the right patriotism to express. Backing a non-corporate america candidate is the right way to show your colors!

I know this is hard to swallow for some of us. Please take a look at a few other websites set up that can help shed some light on the unenlightened.

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Author David Icke
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